Menopause Podcast Series


In our mission to spread the power of Menopause across the world, Alexandra has done a series of interviews which are here for your listening pleasure.

The Power of Menopause in Relationships with Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan, Co-founders of The School of Movement Medicine

The Wisdom of Menopause – On the Fertility Friday Podcast

How to Actually Prepare for Menopause – On the Period Party Podcast

A Man’s Guide to Menopause – On The Great Man Within Podcast

Menopause as an Initiatory Rite of Passage – On the Daring to Rest Podcast

Lara Briden and Alexandra Talk Menopause

Chameli Ardagh and Alexandra Pope on Menopause

Uma Dinsmore Tuli talks with Alexandra about Menopause

Menopause Q&A with Alexandra

Courageous Conversations with Alexandra and TreeSisters

A Man's Guide to Menopause on the Great Man Within podcast

We also have some great episodes on our own podcast - The Menstruality Podcast - linked below.

How Menopause Initiates us into Leadership - with Alexandra & Sjanie

How to Transform Menstrual and Menopause Shame - with Jane Hardwicke Collings

Finding Your Voice, Busting Myths and Coming Home to Yourself in Menopause - with Karen Arthur

The Power of Rest for a Healthy Cycle, Menopause and Life (Karen Brody)

How to Feel Better in Perimenopause (Lara Briden)

Self Care in Menopause and Your Second Spring (Kate Codrington)

The Power, Beauty and Soul of Menopause (Omisade Burney-Scott)

Perimenopause: what’s going on?! (Alexandra & Sjanie)

The Myth, Magic and Metamorphosis of Menopause (Dr Sharon Blackie)

The Connection Between Menopause, Nature and Sacred Sex (Jewels Wingfield)

Menopause is a Spiritual Awakening (Alexandra & Sjanie)

+ Many more released weekly on the Menstruality Podcast!

If you would like to go deeper into the process of menopause, you can sign up for our live course, Menopause: The Great Awakener by clicking here.


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