Menstruality Medicine Circle Facilitators

What is the Menstruality Medicine Circle?

The Menstruality Medicine Circle is a unique imaginal process

... used in one-to-one settings, developed by Red School to support you to tap you into and restore your inner ecology as a woman – the natural energetic, psycho-spiritual ‘flow’ or order of your menstrual cycle. And in so doing to get insight, receive ‘medicine’ and create a greater feeling of integration and wholeness. Knowledge and experience which you then seed back into your lived experience of the cycle to continue deepening into.

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Meet the MMC Facilitators

All the people below are Menstruality Medicine Circle Facilitators and have completed Red School's Menstruality Leadership Programme and the Menstruality Medicine Circle Facilitators Training. Click to find out more about them and book a one-to-one session.

Trainee MMC Facilitators