Episode 24: Self Care in Menopause and Your Second Spring (Kate Codrington)

What if we already know what will help us through menopause? What if it’s the self care we overlook, or don’t do enough off? What if we don’t need an expert to give us a top ten list to surviving menopause? 

Instead of perpetuating the myth that we need to give our power to an outside authority in order to feel better, author Kate Codrington, wants to place the power firmly back in our hands as we enter the often disorientating, challenging menopause journey.

Kate is a menopause mentor, facilitator and writer and has been a therapist for almost 30 years. A pioneering spirit, Kate was the first to graduate as a Red School Menstruality Medicine Circle facilitator, and in this liberating, culture-shifting conversation we explore her first book Second Spring: the guide to self-care for menopause is being published by HarperCollins, today, February 17th 2022!

In This Episode:
  • What is our Second Spring? Who are we after menopause? And how can we harness the wisdom we’ve gained from previous cycles and transitions to navigate this shift?

  • How menopause asks us, very intensely, to come into relationship with ourselves and keeps at us until we begin a more subtle kind self care that happens in small moments.

  • Why we deeply need to re-write the menopause narrative, and colour in the vibrant, creative life that happens in our Second Spring.

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