Menstruality is a

journey to love and belonging

Our mission is to activate the vitality, creativity and leadership of a million people, through the magic of menstrual cycle awareness and a conscious menopause.

And we are committed to holding diversity and inclusion at the heart of all we do.

At Red School we value uniqueness and variety and strive to create spaces where each person feels they belong.  We are committed to doing the inner and outer work that is required to make this possible. Red School is a culture of creativity. We value the shadow as we value the light. We celebrate mistakes as well as victories. And welcome your vulnerability as well as your strength. 

 We are progressing towards a community that represents the different cultures, backgrounds, gender identity and viewpoints of all menstruators.

We support the movement beyond the gender binary to include gender fluid and non-binary people. And we're passionate about women’s empowerment and rights.

We feel these movements are not at odds with each other but rather in support of the liberation of all humans. 

We hold diversity as a necessity for the survival of our planet 

and the thriving of our species.

Our menstruality work is in service of this. 

We extend our commitment to diversity and inclusion to all those who work at Red School. 

Read about gender inclusivity in our programmes

And see our Vision and Values to read more about what Red School stand for