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Q: Myriam suffers from fibroids and wanted to know why they grow in some women and not others and how to get rid of them.

A: The Red Power Card we drew for you Miriam is: ‘Insight’. ‘Insight’ is in the premenstrual phase of the cycle. At this time you have amplified ‘sight’, heightened intuition, a capacity to see through things into the depths of an issue, know without knowing why you know. And what’s more you can speak this insight with little censorship, in fact it’s hard to censor yourself now!

Myriam, it’s quite possible that you have a real talent for insight, you may be a high sensitive but not yet fully owning it for whatever reason and so your fibroid has become the holding place for this capacity. The ‘remedy’ is to dare to express that knowing in the world ever more boldly. Or, that you need to trust your own insight on the issue of your fibroid, that already you have an intuition about it. This is a power or capacity that you have all the time but in the premenstrual phase it is amplified even more.

We’d recommend you make a point of slowing down what you do in the week or so before bleeding, really pace your actual energy and mood and don’t force yourself to be or do something you are not. Watch what is revealed to you and make a note of that. Allow yourself to ‘bleed on it’ at menstruation—that is dream, mull and stay open to what more insights you can get about yourself, your life and possibly your fibroid. And then find a way to show that wisdom in the world as you come out of menstruation. We’d love to hear back from you Myriam, let us know how it goes!

To everyone else in Red School, what has your experience of this menstrual power been? We'd love to hear from you so please share with us!


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