Menstruality is Medicine
for these times

The Menstruality Foundation was founded by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope in 2020 to expand the reach of Red School’s menstruality education.

At Red School, we are committed to creating a spiritually fulfilling, socially just, environmentally sustainable world*. We are passionate about actively dismantling systems of oppression that cause suffering to marginalised people.

We believe the voices and representation of historically underrepresented and oppressed communities are critical to positive global change and that menstruality education is a vital key for healing and evolution - both personally and collectively. 

Menstruality Education and the practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness has the power to reform our social values, relationship to the earth and personal mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

*we are grateful to the Pachamama Alliance for this statement

Scholarship Spotlight


Menstruality Leadership Programme

The Menstruality Foundation has given a full scholarship on our Menstruality Leadership Programme to a British Muslim woman, a psychotherapist, who had already begun to introduce menstruality into her community after attending some workshops with us, and now will take it further.

"I've been called to the Red school after stepping into a new and life altering way of being as a woman that was grounded in trusting my own bodies sacred intelligence in a world which perpetuates the narrative that our bodies need to be 'improved' or 'fixed'. When I healed my PMS I moved from seeing my body as an enemy to resist to a messenger of my inner truth. Taking part in the MLP will ground me in my own sacred knowledge as a tool to bring this connection to other women whom are consciously or unconsciously seeking this deep and meaningful connection with themselves."


Wild Power Immersion & Menarche self-study course

The Menstruality Foundation has sponsored a Dutch woman, who lives and works in rural communities in South America, on a full scholarship for Wild Power Immersion and the Menarche online course. She is committed to spreading menstruality or ‘Menstrualidad’ (a word that does not exist in Spanish yet but she is on course to make it so) in South America through her charity, both online and in person. Part of her work is in rural communities where internet is very scarce or expensive, education barely basic and where poverty is real. In the future she would like to also reach the impoverished districts of the cities, which is another demographic with its own set of challenges.

"I am yogic missionary in Colombia, South America. I was drawn to Red School in 2017 after a friend introduced me to Menstruality. I've joined the Wild Power Immersion to deepen my personal understanding of my cycle. I plan to use my understanding as a base to share this Menstruality work with the women in my online community - they are from 12 Latin American countries - and in my rural community and its schools in the Colombian Andes."


Wild Power Immersion

The Menstruality Foundation has sponsored a woman from Bangalore, India on a full scholarship for Wild Power Immersion, in order that she might follow her calling to lift the shame and guilt that that girls and women hold around their menstrual cycles in her community.

"Hello, My name is Apurvaa, and Red School has given me the space to have a voice of my own. This Wild Power Immersion has provided me with tools and encouragement to help me understand the terrains of my cyclic nature and the very being that I am. It is going to be the foundation upon which I hope to build and integrate my knowledge with experience. This is my first step towards creating a space for many others to come."

Application for a sponsored place

Apply for sponsorship

Part and fully sponsored places on all of our self-study online programmes are open for application throughout the year.

Places for our live online courses are open for application at the time the course opens for bookings - this includes Wild Power Immersion (February), Menopause: the great awakener (September), Menstruality Leadership Programme (bookings open in June/July for course start the following April).

Application form for the self study courses is coming soon

Nourished by the community

Support the spread of menstruality education

Currently all donations to the foundation are coming from people within the Red School community who have personally felt the benefits of menstruality education and want to support the expansion and diversity of our community.

It is a beautiful testament to the people in our community and how menstruality awakens our care and love of life.

Thank you for being a part of this social impact opportunity and contributing to the spread of menstrual cycle awareness and the development of  BIPOC and LGBTQ menstruality leaders.

All donations to the menstruality foundation go towards full scholarship places and concession places on Red School courses, including professional training on our Menstruality Leadership Programme.

You can change or cancel your donation subscription at any time.