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There is magic
in the menstrual cycle

Do you want to create vibrant health, unlock your true potential, and reclaim your natural powers? Are you curious about the hidden powers within your menstrual cycle and how they can illuminate your life, work and relationships?

If you want to experience the natural freedom and joy that comes from being grounded in Feminine Power, we invite you to explore our 3 steps below to get started.

*Not everyone who menstruates identifies as a woman. We honour and support trans and non-binary lives.
View our inclusivity statement here.


We're Alexandra and Sjanie, the co-founders of Red School, authors of the Hay House books Wild Power: Discover the Magic of the Menstrual Cycle and Awaken The Feminine Path to Power and
Wise Power: Discover the Liberating Power of Menopause to Awaken Authority, Purpose and Belonging
, and creators of the Menstruality Medicine Circle™, a brand new healing modality.

To develop Red School we spent over 10,000 hours researching and refining our radical new approach to women's health, creativity, leadership and spiritual life.

And the best bit? It's rooted in the bloody, wild, radical power of the menstrual cycle.

We want to invite you into the adventure of a lifetime - into the heart of the inner intelligence that is activated at your first bleed, deepened through the menstruating years and culminated in the great awakening of menopause.

It has the power to lead you Home to Yourself. And to bring our world to balance.

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Would you like to discover the hidden powers within your menstrual cycle?

Join over 7,500 people who have already started connecting with their menstrual cycle to create health and balance, and unlock the natural freedom and joy that comes from being grounded in Feminine power.

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What people are saying...
“To read ‘Wild Power’ by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer is to be initiated into a source of a profound power and wisdom, which for many of us perhaps was forgotten, but as we learn through this gem of a book, was never lost."
Chameli Ardagh
Founder, Awakening Women Institute
“This is the kind of enlightenment that a woman should be born with. This is the kind of enlightenment that changes lives.”
Harri Earthy
“This work has helped me to build my confidence as a woman in the world. Several years later I am still experiencing greater levels of fulfillment and effectiveness as a direct result.”
Sarah Rozenthuler
Psychologist and Coach
“Menstruality is the golden thread in a living tapestry that is being woven by women around the world.”
Clare Dubois
Founder, TreeSisters
“I hated my periods, in some ways I hated being a woman…it’s been cathartic, healing and restorative {learning about this work}. Now, I can’t wait for my period to come!"
Althea Hart
Community Worker
Reclaim the Power of your Cycle


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our book
We have an important story to share with you about the power within the female body.

It’s a story that evolves every day as women consciously experience their menstrual cycle. As they step up to claim the cycle, they unleash a consciousness that dignifies women and holds all life sacred. This living body of knowledge is vital for us, and essential for our times.

Order your copy of our Hay House book, Wild Power now to discover the magic of your menstrual cycle and awaken the Feminine path to power. (And enjoy instant access to our bonus Love Your Cycle kit!).

Want to go deeper?

All the teachings from Red School have been co-created over two decades of working with cycle-aware groups of people, as well as our direct experience of our cyclical nature.

Our self-study short courses and live online programmes will give you all the education, inspiration and tools you need to harness the healing power of your cycle, supercharge your creativity, fully embody this ‘Feminine’ spiritual practice, or even help you to weave Menstruality into your leadership in the world, through our 9-month Leadership Training.

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