Episode 13: The Power of Rest for a Healthy Cycle, Menopause and Life (Karen Brody)

In a world where rest is seen as laziness, one of the most radical and daring things we can do is lie down and do nothing. And in doing so, we can wake up and bring to consciousness all that is hidden under our busyness.

Our guest today is Karen Brody - a mother, writer and author of the book “Daring To Rest”. She is one of the leaders in this movement to be radically well-rested, through her Daring to Rest leadership programme, where she teaches Yoga Nidra for the modern world.

This conversation explores the quietly transformative healing power that rest brings to our lives.

In This Episode:
  • How rest - in a similar way to menstruation - is the anchor that roots us into who we are, opening the door to ‘soul whispers’ which help us access intuitive wisdom and live our Calling.

  • How to take care of our frazzled nervous systems and ‘power down’ into truly nourishing deep rest, through the power of Yoga Nidra.

  • How to dare to rest in a world which perceives rest as lazy, weak and unproductive, especially during the transitional moments in life, such as menstruation, menopause and motherhood.

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