Episode 4: Finding Your Voice, Busting Myths and Coming Home to Yourself in Menopause (Karen Arthur)

Karen Arthur lives her life in full colour, and her rebellious spirit is catching. A fashion designer, host of the ground-breaking Menopause Whilst Black Podcast, and a leading voice in the global conversation to rewrite menopause, she busts menopause myths and shares refreshing ideas to manage menopause challenges with a rare kind of honesty, fire and wit.

In This Episode:

In this episode we explore:

  • How Karen made the bold transition from teacher to fashion designer, moved through depression to creative expression, learned that NO is a complete sentence, and found a new freedom in her voice through menopause.
  • Her powerful work to make menopause diverse, amplify the voices of Black British  women in menopause, and tell a new story of menopause as a pathway home to yourself (rather than something to dread).
  • Why ‘wearing our happy’ is a powerful antidote to menopause challenges, and how it felt to invite Davina McCall into her fashion design studio for the Channel 4 ‘Sex, Myths and the Menopause’ documentary.

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Show Notes:

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