Episode 48: Perimenopause: what’s going on?! *Wise Power Series* (Alexandra & Sjanie)

In our 40s, many women and people with periods begin to experience a variety of health symptoms and challenges, as well as emotional and psychological shifts. Some call this perimenopause. At Red School we like to call it, The Quickening 

In this episode - which is the fourth in our menopause summer series - we look at how this life phase in the run up to our menopause process is slowly awakening new levels of power within us, and how to navigate this and Sjanie shares how she is negotiating this transition personally.

In This Episode:
  • How we receive a report card on the state of our health in our 40s, which is inviting us to up our self care and set ourselves up for a healthy post-menopause life.

  • Why the power that is awakening in us in the Quickening requires deeper responsibility as well as deeper self care.

    How to handle your new, increased critical capacites (cynicism, discernment, judgement) wisely and cleanly, rather than use it to annihilate and destroy!
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