Menstruality Medicine Circle

What is the Menstruality Medicine Circle ?

Would you love to

  • Peek behind the scenes of your cycle to discover the hidden workings of your soul
  • Awaken more fully to the experience of power and inner holiness that your cycle can bestow?
  • Understand and find healing for your menstrual or menopause challenges
  • Find your creative flow
  • Explore any other life challenges you have

A unique imaginal process developed by Red School to support you to do just this.

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More about the MMC

The process is designed to help tap you into and restore your inner ecology as a woman – the natural energetic, psycho-spiritual ‘flow’ or order of your menstrual cycle. And in so doing to get insight, receive ‘medicine’ and create a greater feeling of integration and wholeness. Knowledge and experience which you then seed back into your lived experience of the cycle to continue deepening into.

Your inner ecology, this inner flow, is made up of what we call your three inner maps:

  1. The vias – via positiva (first half of the cycle) and the via negativa (second half of the cycle)
  2. The Inner Seasons
  3. The Five Chambers of Menstruation or the Five Phases of Menopause (for those women traversing the menopause)

If you are unfamiliar with or want to learn more about these inner maps, you will find in-depth descriptions of them in our book Wild Power.

The MMC process taps into this inner ecology to

  • help you ‘read’ the flow of the energy, for example where it is blocked (i.e.where you are stuck in the cycle) or bursting its banks (i.e. over-stretching yourself in the cycle)
  • initiate repair and restoration of that energetic flow
  • elicit deeper insight into yourself and any challenges you are dealing with in your life, including of course any menstrual difficulties
  • awaken your inner Medicine, an energy, a love, that is the beginning of a shift or healing.
Who is the MMC for?

The menstrual cycle (the inner ecology) is also a template for your Creative Cycle, your Power Process, your life journey and psycho-spiritual developmental stages and so the process can be adapted for women who have stopped menstruating because of a health condition, are on the Pill or other hormonal contraception, are going through menopause or are post menopause.

The MMC is for any woman whatever life stage you are at. You might be:

  • Wanting to understand yourself and your cycle more
  • Struggling with menstrual problems or menopause challenges
  • Uncertain about your life direction or what your calling is
  • Wanting to deepen your spiritual understanding and practice
  • Understand your creative process – where you strengths and challenges lie
  • Or you might simply want a space for ‘dreaming’, a check in or metaphorical ‘tune up’.
How does a session work?

A session can be done online or in person. It is ordinarily 1 to 1.5 hours long. You would be asked to fill in a preparation form beforehand about your current experience of the cycle and what you would like to use the session for i.e. your intention for the session.

In the session your practitioner would describe the basic set-up of the MMC process before you go into it. It is a imaginary exploration, which could also include physical movement as a means of sensing.  After the process is complete, some time is spent in debriefing what came up and making sense of it in the context of your intention, and how you can seed this insight or new knowledge back into the lived experience of your cycle to keep growing into it.

The Menstrual Medicine Circle Process™ is a form of energy medicine.

The process works on the energetics of your being. While it is deeply therapeutic – that is restorative and healing – it is not therapy. However it can be used as part of therapy by a practitioner who is both a qualified counsellor or psychotherapist and a qualified MMC practitioner.  Or equally, you might be seeing a counsellor as well as having the occasional session with a MMC practitioner.