Assert - Red Power Card Reading


All of us at some time or another have probably struggled with asserting ourselves and clearly it’s a power we need any old time of the day or night but there is a moment in the menstrual cycle when you will feel this power naturally rise in you. Assert is one of many delicious natural resources of your inner spring, it arises of its own accord like a wave catching and carrying you as you come close to the transition from your inner spring (preovulation) to your inner summer (ovulation). It’s like a rising inner yes in your being, helping you to effortlessly step up to the tasks at hand and asserting who you are and what you want.

Assert is your capacity to congruently and cleanly express your own needs and feelings, to claim ‘territory’ for yourself in the world. It is this natural capacity that helps you fulfil the key task of your inner summer ‘declaring yourself’ - saying yes to something, and going for it. For you to feel and come into easy alignment with this power requires having had a reasonable amount of downtime at menstruation to rest and repair. So if you struggle to experience it, make a note to give yourself more rest at menstruation (even 1% more will help). And the more you can experience this natural moment of affirmation and desire to step forward in that first half of the cycle the more you strengthen your ability to be your full self all of the time.


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