Episode 55: Menopause is a Spiritual Awakening

Today’s conversation follows a powerful idea that woke Alexandra up in the early hours a few days ago. It’s the idea that drives our new menopause book, Wise Power, and it’s an idea that’s almost totally missing in the global menopause conversation: we need to dignify menopause as a process of spiritual awakening. 

And it’s a very special episode, because it also marks the official release of Wise Power, which is now available wherever books are sold - you can get your copy at wisepowerbook.com.

If you’d like to explore menopause as a process of homecoming and awakening, in this episode we share some of the ways we’re expanding this conversation at Red School, firstly, with our upcoming, free ‘Wise Power Retreat’ in October, where we’ll share conversations with incredible people such as Lynne Twist, the founder of the Pachamama Alliance, and Sharon Blackie, the author of Hagitude, and secondly with our live menopause online course, Menopause: The Great Awakener, starting on Nov 2nd.

In This Episode:
  • The spiritual union, or coming home to yourself that is possible at menopause, when we honour and dignify every aspect of menopause; the rage, the confusion, the challenge and dare to believe it’s meaningful.

  • The role that rage plays in the spiritual awakening of menopause, particularly in the initiatory times we’re living in as a global community.

  • The five phases of the menopause spiritual awakening, and how perimenopause, or the ‘Quickening’ prepares us for this great homecoming to ourselves.

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