Episode 136: What’s Going on with Pre-Menstrual and Menopause Rage? (Alexandra & Sjanie)

Today we're having a frank and feisty chat about one of the hot topics in our community - premenstrual and menopausal rage.

Have you ever been driving in your car and felt compelled to wind the windows up and actually roar because you felt so wildly angry on day 24? Or, if you’re navigating menopause, have you experienced your own ‘burn-the-house-down’ moment when your fury threatened to destroy everything you’ve built so far in your life?

What is going on with this rage? Why are so many of us feeling it? And what is it trying to tell us?

In This Episode:

- Anger as an indignation of soul, bringing us closer to our essence.

- Sjanie, Alexandra & Sophie's personal journeys with rage.

- How to work with rage in the menstrual cycle by practising the menstruality Leadership skill of 'holding the tension'.

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