Episode 58: The Power of Your Premenstrual Phase (Alexandra & Sjanie)

The premenstrual phase of the menstrual cycle - or ‘inner autumn’ as we lovingly call it - is often the most uncomfortable phase emotionally, and it is definitely the most misunderstood. The symptoms that show up for many in this phase and the critical, disruptive fire that burns through us premenstrually are demonised in our world and inside ourselves. 

In this conversation we want to deshame and dignify the gifts of the premenstruum; the heightened sensitivity, the permeability, the way we show up as a disruptor of the peace. We want to transform the premenstrual script which so often makes us question “what’s wrong with me?” to “how can I hold myself through this?” and “what’s powers are at work here?”.

In This Episode:
  • How the premenstruum gives us access to a different kind of intelligence - we know, without knowing how we know!

  • Why we all deeply need the vulnerability of the premenstruum, and how it connects us to each other and to our humanity.

  • How the powers of the premenstruum are the ones we’ll call on the most post menopause - they become the ground of the second half of our lives.

Listen to The Full Episode Here:
Show Notes:
  • Join our upcoming, free ‘Wise Power Retreat’ on 11th - 18th October, where we’ll share conversations with incredible people such as Lynne Twist, the founder of the Pachamama Alliance, and Sharon Blackie, the author of Hagitude.
  • Explore our Menstruality Leadership Programme. We've spent over 10,000 hours developing a radical new approach to health, creativity, leadership and spiritual life and we've distilled the best of it into this training.

Episode Transcript

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