Love Your Cycle

Discover the Power of Menstrual Cycle Awareness
to Revolutionise Your Life.
A free self-paced online course
with the co-founders of Red School
Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer.
Calling all ground-breakers, trouble-makers, nurturers and creatives…
Now is the time to ground yourself in the timeless, cyclical wisdom alive in your brilliant body.
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Love Your Cycle is a free, self-paced online course which will help you to nurture a real intimacy with the rhythm and flow of your menstrual cycle (exactly as it is), so that you can:

Enhance Your Vitality

You’ll explore how to read your body, manage stress and tailor your self-care so that you can thrive throughout the cycle month.

Know Your Power

You’ll cultivate your relationship with the powers of each cycle phase, so that you can feel more confident, inspired and at home in yourself.

Live Your Cycle Wisdom

You’ll discover practical ways to actually live your cycle in a linear world.

We want to help you to fall in love with your cycle…

Together, we’ll discover how you are coded for power, and that the journey to realising the fullness and beauty of that power lies in the rhythm and change of your menstrual cycle.

(And how menstrual cycle awareness is the key that unlocks this whole game!).

Registration is free. Join us.

Love Your Cycle

Discover the Power of Menstrual Cycle Awareness
to Revolutionise Your Life.

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How Love Your Cycle works:


You’ll receive three short-and-sweet videos teachings and guided exercises from Alexandra and Sjanie, which you can explore at a pace that works best for you. (We’ll email you each day to help you stay on track).


Our Love Your Cycle workbook is your companion on this journey - a place for you to harvest your personal insights about how your menstrual cycle can enhance your vitality and guide you home to your power.


As we do the ground-breaking work to connect to the power within our cycles, we need community around us to inspire, uplift and encourage us.

We invite you to take your seat in our LOVE YOUR CYCLE community of cycle-savvy allies, so we can learn how to live our cycles in a linear world, together.

Hi, we’re Alexandra and Sjanie and (as you may have noticed!) we're wildly passionate about the power of the menstrual cycle.
We’ve devoted over 10,000 hours of research, personal exploration and listening to the experiences of 1000s of people to reveal the hidden powers of the menstrual cycle.
The key to unlocking these powers is your ongoing, intimate exploration of the rhythm and flow of your own cycle.
That’s why we’re thrilled to invite you to join us for Love Your Cycle - to reveal how the power of menstrual cycle awareness can transform your world, through more vitality, greater creativity, and embodied Feminine leadership, each and every cycle.

Love Your Cycle

Discover the Power of Menstrual Cycle Awareness
to Revolutionise Your Life.

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The Modules:
Part One: How Menstrual Cycle Awareness can Transform Your Life
  • What is menstrual cycle awareness?

  • How can it transform your life: health, energy levels, relationships, and creativity?

  • How can you create a deeply meaningful practice, starting today?

Part Two: Your Inner Seasons = the Gateway to Vitality, Creativity and Leadership
  • How can you harness the natural powers and skills of each inner season?

  • How can you receive more of the magic of menstruation?

  • How can you wield the powers of inner autumn (the premenstruum) in a healthy way?

Part Three: How to Live your Cycle in a Non-Cyclical World?
  • How can the 1% rule change your life?

  • How can you use the “Bleed On It Method” to apply your cycle wisdom to your challenges?

  • How can you gather a circle of cycle-aware allies around you?

What people are saying about working with Red School…
“Something {my menstrual cycle} that was so painful and difficult has become transformative and beautiful. Like a phoenix out of the ashes”.
Suad Ahmed
“I am so grateful to Alexandra and Sjanie for the bravery and sensitivity they have shown by creating Red School. I never knew that so much information, creativity, and intelligence lived right here within me and all I had to do was make space for it to show itself to me”.
Angela Fraser
Occupational Therapist, Celebration Day for Girls Facilitator
“After years of trying to search for answers this work has revealed much to me, and drawn it out from within; clarity, how I operate in the world and a very clear path of what I need to do now. Practical magic! I'm finally feeling at home in myself for the first time ever.”
Adrienne Egan
Certified Arvigo Practitioner, Menstrual Health Coach, Well Woman Yoga
“I am delighted to have created a personal, practical and useful toolkit to life, including; a Feminine instruction manual on the inner workings of my cycle.”
Grace Winteringham
Co-founder, Patternity
“You would not be able to fully understand how much my life has changed. I never imagined or believed I could be this well… So while I had absolutely no intention of enjoying this journey… I am loving it!”
Althea Hart
Community worker
“I am now organising my life around the inner rhythms and allowing nature to guide me to live ever more deeply in harmony with this flow. I'm so grateful for you pioneering this work and just know that it's something that all women (and men!) need to know about.”  
Laura Berridge
Coach, Healer & Designer

Love Your Cycle

Discover the Power of Menstrual Cycle Awareness
to Revolutionise Your Life.

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