You have to meet Colette Nolan!


Introducing a wonderfully wild and delicious woman who attended the first Women Quest apprenticeship in 2011. Meet Colette Nolan!A graduate of our very first apprenticeship training and a woman whom we deeply love, Colette is a spoken word poet and a firebrand of activism on behalf of the soul of woman. She has done groundbreaking work to recover the holy meaning of the word ‘cunt’, taught on the ecstatic sexual power of women, and then she headed off to the wilds of Spain to birth her baby in a place of peace with non interventionist support from a wise midwife. And now she speaks for Love. She has a rare form of breast cancer. And having exhausted what little our public health system can offer, she has gone in search of and found radical new treatments but which cost a lot of money. Please consider supporting this extraordinary woman. She has written a very moving piece for the the Sunday Independent (Ireland).Please check out this link to learn more about her incredible journey and how to support her

Enjoy and explore some of her work below

 Poem - My Need To Bleed: Written on the apprenticeship

      Poem - Our Dream

      Poem - Sex Education is a Human Right

      Education Resource - 'Doodle your down there'

     Cunt Loving Emporium


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