Lose it - Red Power Card Reading


A provocative, controversial power, that in the moment might not feel very powerful. But trust us (few would!) it’s a goody. 'Lose it' sits in a vulnerable moment in the cycle’s initiatory process, that of the dying days of the cycle just before bleeding. Your defences are at the their most permeable, and remember this permeability is necessary in order to enter the inner temple of menstruation, but can feel difficult if you are still trying to conduct business as usual.The power of 'Lose it' can be a threat to one's sense of being in charge or one's ego, and that’s the power of it. It’s the power of letting go of control and going with the moment. A deep instinctual energy bursts through and defies all that is polite and ‘acceptable’; the necessary release that we all need and it could simply be tears, an outburst of strong feeling, a sudden lack of censorship that apparently comes out of nowhere. Simply put you don’t hold it together so well.

Losing it' is the power of letting go of control and going with the moment.

While we’re not suggesting that losing it to the point of humiliating yourself or hurting another is good. On the contrary it isn’t. But suddenly feeling like you are can’t hold things together any more and letting yourself ‘let go’ of control and allow the deep organic energy or feeling to breathe is soooooooo wonderful. And if you find yourself suddenly flying off the handle at someone….apologise as soon as you can, walk away and allow that mysterious wild energy that burst through to rail in a safe place, be with it, track it, until spent. 'Lose it' is about not being ‘together’, it’s a relief for the psyche. Like you’re easing pressure. Your system will settle again and you will feel awakened and more in touch with yourself.The power of 'Lose it' is cleansing, awakening, honest, a reality check moment on how you’re doing. We wonder what it would be like to pick up this power more often, and not just avail ourselves of its potency just before bleeding? It’s about being uncensored....ooops we see trouble brewing, good healthy troublesome trouble!


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