The feminine spiritual practice


For a long time here at Red School we have argued that many spiritual practices while worthy and great can sometimes miss the mark for us as women. They were largely evolved by men and meet the needs and psychology of men, but not of women. In fact they can even work against who we are and end up locking us out of something quite unique and holy in ourselves.

We women come coded with our own spiritual practice that utter suits our nature and what is needed today to realise the feminine in the world. This ‘practice’ is the menstrual cycle or more precisely the art of menstrual cycle awareness.

When approached with appropriate consciousness and time, the menstrual cycle initiates a woman into a deep intimacy with herself, her sense of Place in the world and union with the Divine.

What is important about this female Way is that it practices us. That is, we don’t have to ‘do’ anything, rather, through a deeply felt engagement with and honouring of the changing rhythms of our cycle, we are led or brought into the spiritual dimension. Simple though this may sound, it is an inner discipline of a high order.

The cycle is packed with potential as a means of inner work and self development tool; a guide to the creative process, opening you to your unique Calling in the world; and offers an experience of the most exquisite Union or Oneness. To awaken this potential requires a quality of presence and self respect that we call menstrual cycle awareness. And when knowledge of this inner practice goes unnamed something immeasurable is lost to both women and the world. What is also important to add here is that this feminine spiritual practice doesn’t have to work against spiritual traditions that you are already drawn to or practicing, for example Buddhism, Paganism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, but rather can serve or deepen your understanding of those paths. Discover your unique feminine practice today.

  • Record what day of your cycle you are on and make a few notes about what you are feeling/experiencing on that day (the key themes).
  • Get to know the pattern of your cycle
  • Organise your life around that pattern as best you can
  • Respect and work with the energy of the cycle on each day (some days are easier than others to work with!). There is a wisdom to the cycle’s process, and as you follow it you are lead somewhere very powerful.

Note: initially we’d urge you to avoid reading any prescriptive descriptions of what you are ‘supposed’ to be experiencing. Of course there are tendencies in each phase of the cycle, we teach on that ourselves (although you are never supposed to experience anything). We’d recommend you come into relationship with your own unique take on the process first. You’ll discover some marvellous idiosyncrasies and eccentricities that define your nature and needs. Nothing can replace that knowledge.


And consider joining our online Menstrual Cycle Literacy course where we help you to build your practice of menstrual cycle awareness in great detail, and with the support of other women, including our great team of mentors, through a closed facebook group and listening partnerships.  What an amazing way to start the year aligned with and allowing your cycle to be the great ally it is.[vcex_button url="" title="Join the Menstrual Cycle Literacy course today" style="graphical" align="left" color="#d70035" size="small" target="self" rel="none"]Join the Menstrual Cycle Literacy course today[/vcex_button]


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