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Awaken your Cycle Power
A free, online journey into the gifts of the inner seasons of your menstrual cycle with Alexandra & Sjanie

Wednesday June 5th
1.30pm New York / 6.30pm London

We’ll gather for 1.5 hours to explore the power that lives in your cycle, how you can awaken it through befriending your inner seasons, and how you can embody it, to transform everything in your world.

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This webinar will also serve as an introduction to our new, live online course - Cycle Power.

You can find out more about the course below

Cycle Power

Reclaim your body, your blood, your power

a six-week online course to embody the power of the inner seasons of your menstrual cycle

with Red School co-founders and authors of Wild Power
Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

21st June- 26th July 2024

Cycle Power


a six-week online course to embody the power of the
inner seasons
of your menstrual cycle

with Red School co-founders and authors of Wild Power 
Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

21st June - 1st August 2024

Welcome, we’re thrilled you’re here.
This 6 week online programme is for you if you want to realise the true potency and power of the menstrual cycle and take your seat in a revolution that can transform how we live, work and relate to each other and our beloved planet...

Is something calling you to the power and wisdom of your menstrual cycle?

In a world which pushes us to ceaselessly do-do-do, there are those of us who know the power, wisdom and sanity of cycle awareness, and long to embody it fully…

Whether you’re looking to explore the spiritual power of the cycle, working to heal menstrual health challenges, dealing with changing cycles around menopause or feeling called to take a stand for the Feminine…

Come and learn personally from the creators of the inner seasons map of the menstrual cycle and discover the true depths of what’s possible

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Awaken your Cycle Power
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How will Cycle Power help you?

Whether you’re brand-new to the power of your menstrual cycle, you've been tracking your menstrual cycle for years, or you’re heading towards menopause, we invite you to join us for six weeks of soulful, inspiring, exploration that has the potential to transform every aspect of your life…

Embrace your cycle

Get to know your inner seasons more deeply (rather than trying to have the cycle that the ‘textbook’ says your cycle could/should be).

Step into your power

Learn how to awaken and wield the powers of each inner season to claim the life you were born to live and have meaningful impact.

Know yourself

Understand how to practice Menstrual Cycle Awareness through each of the inner seasons (and Crossover Days), so you can learn to love and cooperate with your own true nature.

Claim your cyclical nature

Learn how to restore your own inner ecology, so you can soothe your nervous system, express your needs, hold your boundaries and be nourished (especially by the spiritual power of menstruation).

Your power is rooted in your body — in how you know, live and abide by
the rhythm and intelligence of your menstrual cycle.
What people are saying about the power of this work:
“I have been able to transform my life”

I learned to work with the cycle that I have, not the one I wish I had, and in doing so, I have been able to transform my life, giving myself the rest, fuel, and outlets that I need. When I focus on what is real in my life and move away from the imaginary world of “shoulds and wishes” I step into my power.
Franchesca Pena
“My body is my true religion”

This was the beginning of an incredible journey into the depths of creation and my aliveness as a woman, opening me to a bone deep truth that I now deepen every day through cycle awareness - that “my body is my true religion”.
Julika Weber
“Like falling into an enormous velvety cushion”

Menstrual Cycle Awareness has been a transformational practice for me—life-changing and layered. Medicine permeating to and through all of my relationships. Finding Red School has been like falling into an enormous velvety cushion, where I feel held to rest as long as I need and bolstered to integrate this work (that also feels like love) and wisdom into my life.
Kinsey Norris
We warmly invite you to discover the magic of your inner seasons directly from the teachers who have devoted over 35 years to naming and illuminating them…

Perhaps you've learned about the inner seasons but want to go deeper than surface level cycle tracking and syncing... or you’re frustrated that you aren’t experiencing more of what you’ve read or heard about. You may sense the power and feel a yearning to claim it fully in your body.

When you truly understand your inner seasons you unleash a force of nature within you.

Learn how to:

→ Yield to the call of surrender during inner winter (menstruation) so that you can heal burnout, receive the Mother Hug and experience rested power.

→ Move tenderly with inner spring (pre-ovulation) and come to relish your pace, your uniqueness and the playfulness and possibility this awakens within you. 

→ Allow yourself to be unashamedly YOU. Unleash your full expression in inner summer (ovulation) and experience the great pleasure of sharing your gifts in the world. 

Slow down and hold yourself through the fire of inner autumn (premenstruum) so that you can tap into intuitive knowing, claim your authority and stand for what truly matters to you.

This recording is last year's introduction to the 2020 MLP online:

If this calls to you, we invite you to join us for our new, live, online course Cycle Power…
Join Cycle Power today to embody the truth that your power is rooted
in your body—in how you know, live and abide by the rhythm and intelligence
of your menstrual cycle (with exactly the cycle you have).

Hi, we're Alexandra & Sjanie

We’re your guides for Cycle Power, as well as being the founders of Red School and the authors of two Hay House books, Wild Power and Wise Power.
We’re honoured to have built a global community of over 50,000 menstrual-culture-shifters who are leading the menstruality revolution.
When we first named the powers of the inner seasons of the cycle back in 2005 the response from people we shared it with was visceral, eye opening and potent - we imagine you felt it too; a homecoming to your own body wisdom.
When we published Wild Power in 2017, illuminating the many ways our inner seasons can restore our health, vitality, creativity and spiritual connection, a magnificent wave of Menstrual Cycle Awareness was unleashed across the world.
Over the past decade, through over 10,000 hours of ethno-biographic research with our students, we’ve unearthed the inner ecology of the menstrual cycle, and how to work with it to unlock new levels of health, vitality, creativity, purpose and power.
Now, in Cycle Power, we invite you to join us to EMBODY this cyclical intelligence in your life.
With four decades of combined experience in the fields of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching, conscious dance and martial arts, teaching and facilitation, Alexandra and Sjanie now aim to uplift, educate and inspire the leaders of the global menstruality movement and instate menstrual cycle awareness in the heart of every boardroom, classroom and dinner table discussion on the planet

We are honoured to have been featured in…
“...Menstrual mentors are helping women take charge of their lives by better understanding their cycles. Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope lay the foundations for today’s menstrual coaching strategies”.
- Metro
Have you read our Wild Power book?

If you have (and we're thrilled that it's now been translated into eight languages), you’ve learned about the menstrual cycle. Now it’s time to embody the power of your own, amazing, unique cycle…

It’s time to reclaim this sacred knowledge, embrace the menstrual cycle, and create a new power story, for ourselves and the world.
What people are saying about the power of this work:
“there is nothing wrong with me”

My greatest take away was that there is nothing wrong with me because I shapeshift throughout the cycle, and that the more I resist my cycle, the louder it gets. When I do listen, the rewards waiting for me in the chamber of menstruation are indescribably rich. That framework of working with my cycle has led me to understand my place in the world and in my life.
Isobel Ripley
“Every woman on the planet should know this!”

For me, realising that the 'inner critic' during the autumn week is a source of power instead of PMS syndrome needing to be medicated was the biggest revelation of us as I think every woman on the planet should know this!
Vanessa Parrado Lobo
“Every person is seen as their whole self”

When you learn from Alexandra and Sjanie every person is seen as their whole self, and their experience is important - it is woven into the teaching and into the work in this very personalised way. I also love their honesty and their sense of humour, which goes a long way in a topic which can sometimes be heavy!
Suad Ahmed
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This is the one and only time we will run this course live.

If you’ve been longing to study with Alexandra & Sjanie live, this is a great time to step in:

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Through the Red School Menstruality Foundation there are a ten partially funded and
three fully funded scholarship places available for Cycle Power 2024.

These places are available to people from marginalised communities, including; Black, Indigenous or Persons of Colour (BIPOC), members of the LGBTQIA+ community, or people who are socio-economically disadvantaged.

You can apply for a scholarship here
(deadline to apply is Sunday 9th June)

If you are in a position to be able to pay the full tuition we kindly ask that you do not apply for a scholarship.

How Cycle Power works

21st June -26th July 2024


Each module will immerse you in the power of the menstrual cycle—taking each inner season in turn. With our specially crafted exercise we take you behind the ‘scenes’ of your everyday experience to receive revelatory insight and taste the inner season’s true gift to you.


The week begins each Friday when we release a 20-30 minute original teaching from Sjanie and Alexandra revealing a different aspect of the power of your menstrual cycle. Listen to these before the live session.


We’ll meet together live each Monday, where Alexandra and Sjanie will guide you in our specially crafted process to illuminate the teachings. You’ll have a chance to share your experience from the exercise with others on the course and also be invited to share your experience (if you choose) with Alexandra and Sjanie who will work intimately with your questions / insights / explorations.


For each inner season you will learn about a specific self care practice and be tasked to practise it. These inner season practices are life-long tools that help to activate the power of the menstrual cycle.


You’ll be invited to share your cycle check-ins and insights about the teachings with the vibrant community of like-minded participants on the course (many people say this is one of the most powerful elements of the programme)


Be witnessed, inspired and nurtured in your menstrual cycle awareness practice by a listening partnership (these often become long-term, deep, cycle-inspired friendships).


Each module will run from Friday - Thursday, beginning Friday 21st June. The online lessons will be released on Friday of each week, for you to work through at your own pace.
We will gather together for the live calls every Monday and you can find the timing of these sessions below:

MODULE One: Welcome—your inner ecology

Monday 24th June
11-12.30pm New York / 4-5.30pm London

MODULE Two: Inner Winter—safety within

Monday 1st July
11-12.30pm New York / 4-5.30pm London

module Three: Inner Spring—pride in your unique nature

Monday 8th July
11-12.30pm New York / 4-5.30pm London

module Four: Inner Summer—liberated authentic you

Monday 15th July
11-12.30pm New York / 4-5.30pm London

module Five: Inner Autumn—grounded inner authority

Monday 22nd July
11-12.30pm New York / 4-5.30pm London

Module Six: Harvest—the gifts of your cyclical nature

Monday 29th July
11-12.30pm New York / 4-5.30pm London

Course Bonuses

bonus one:
Menstrual Cycle Awareness e-book

An excellent beginners guide to cycle awareness. Learn how to practise Menstrual Cycle Awareness and get to know the inner seasons of your cycle. Includes practical steps, month at a glance chart, year long chart and answers to common questions.

bonus two:
Inner Seasons Meditation

The Inner Seasons Meditation is a guided process to explore your relationship with the phases of the menstrual cycle and what that might reveal to you about your relationship with the natural powers of each phase.

bonus three:
(Workshop) Harness Your Inner Critic - Liberate Your Power

In this potent workshop, we’ll guide you to work with cycle awareness to face your inner critic, so you can ease self doubt, imposter syndrome, fear of failure and overwhelm, and find the confidence, trust and freedom to do what you’re here to do. (You’ll receive the workshop as soon as you join the course).

What people are saying about the power of this work:
“So grateful for the wise teachings of the Red School”

I am so grateful for the wise teachings of the Red School. Through many moons of practicing this, I have found and established more harmonious rhythms; ways of being that have paced, cyclical sensibility for me and everyone I interact with. I have never felt "good" at slowing down, so giving myself permission to do this feels like one of the kindest acts of self love I've ever gifted. Women do in one month what Mother Nature does in one year. Thank you, oh thank you!
Priscilla Jordan
“Allowed me to stop resisting my ever-changing self”

Understanding that not just my body, but my energy, emotions and mental world also move cyclically through the seasons has allowed me to stop resisting my ever-changing self and embrace her. Learning to bleed as a spiritual practice has anchored me to creation.
Polly Greeks
“Regained the ability to be true to myself.”

My greatest learning has been that my intuition will always be by my side and guide me whenever I need her. She lies within and when listening, she gives me all the answers I could ever ask for. Through practicing deep cycle awareness I have regained the connection with her and ability to be true to myself.
Luna Linnemann