The Feminine Path to Leadership
know yourself – live your calling – stand for life
the key for this revolution

The Red School Menstruality Leadership Programme

is the world’s first leadership training designed for trailblazers, change-makers, nurturers and creatives to realise your full authority and leadership through the power of the menstrual cycle.

It’s time for each of us to unashamedly claim the power of our menstrual cycles and use it to serve and stand for Life itself. This world needs the full reinstatement of the Feminine for all life to flourish.

Bookings for the 2023 Menstruality Leadership Programme
are now closed. Sign-up for the 2024 waitlist below.
Is the menstruality leadership programme for you?

There is much suffering in the world today; oppression, poverty, injustice and the wilful destruction of the planet – our very life support system.

In amongst this chaos and suffering a healing force is wanting to be known – the power of the Feminine.

Conscious cycle-aware people are setting the pace, demanding to do things on their own terms and modelling a new way that is cyclical, relational and organic, recognising all life as connected and sacred.

Do you long to join this new wave of cycle-aware leadership and bring your authentic voice to this emerging field of Menstruality?
Would you love to restore the menstrual cycle as a spiritual path and practice for yourself and for the sake of the world?
Do you want to discover your Calling, step more fully into your authority and be a leader in your own unique way?
Your Menstrual Cycle is coded with your unique brand of leadership.

We invite you to join us for the journey of a lifetime, to work with your cycle as your ultimate ally to realising your full authority and leadership/power, for the sake of Life itself.

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About the Training

Red School’s Menstruality Leadership Programme offers a radically new approach to leadership training based on a cyclical model of development: the menstrual cycle and the psychological and spiritual developmental journey from menarche to menopause and beyond into our mature years.

This is the only comprehensive training of its kind in the world — exploring and developing the exciting new discipline of Menstruality, a discipline that is set to change the way we approach our wellbeing at all levels of personal and professional development, creative & spiritual life.

This programme is an initiation into a wholly new consciousness — one that is organised by the dynamic of your menstrual cycle and your journey from menarche to menopause. It is highly experiential requiring deep commitment, engagement and a willingness to meet your edges in order to heal and evolve.

The purpose of this training is to evolve you into a leader in the menstruality field

This could mean you go on to:

  • Be a menstruality teacher, guide or mentor.
  • Or infuse menstruality into your existing career/role. For example bringing it into your role as a mother, activist or community leader. 
  • Or into your job as an educator, entrepreneur, health practitioner, artist, environmentalist, politician, or any other role.

At this point, you need not know what the future holds for you as a menstruality leader. The programme is designed to facilitate this clarity and knowing. It will:

  • Awaken you to a different way of being, perceiving and living in the world, one that is sourced in/from the via negativa, the way of the Feminine. And, through this, you’ll be lowered into a deep well of trusted support and a source of ongoing guidance. 
  • Initiate you into the deep river of your Calling, awakening you to the creative flow of your life and the unique shape and direction of your Menstruality Leadership. 

We do this by:

  • Working the initiatory process of your menstrual cycle through experiential exercises, movement, reflection, sharing and facilitated processing.
  • Giving you an experience of all the elements of the menstruality cosmology so that our menstruality maps become a deeply embodied, implicit knowing in you.
  • Providing a well held container in which you might feel safe to experience and ride the evolutionary forces at work within you

We will not be:

  • Teaching you how to share or teach this work
  • Training you professionally in one-to-one or group facilitation.

    However this programme is the prerequisite for our professional training and can be integrated into any existing coaching, therapeutic or facilitation skills you have.

It is a training rooted in an apprenticeship to your own lived experience of the menstrual cycle** that will:

  • Ground you in a custom-made personal and spiritual development programme for life.
  • Give you clear information, and growing skill and authority to share, teach and facilitate this work.
  • Guide you to establish an ongoing discipline of Menstrual Cycle Awareness as a life practice.
  • Embed you within the Red School menstruality community —creating collegiality, friendship and creative support networks.
  • Initiate you into the via negativa — the way of the Feminine.

You will learn how to:

  • Forge an intimate relationship with your cycle, to recover a deeply felt sense of trust, worthiness and belonging in your being.
  • Awaken and activate the inner architecture of the menstrual cycle as your personal pathway to healing, creativity and spiritual awakening.
  • Root into your cycle experience and how to work it as an evolutionary process from menarche to menopause.
  • Step into your own authority with menstruality so you can find your own voice and express your unique vibrancy, creativity and leadership in the world.

** If you don’t have a menstrual cycle, you can work with the moon cycle. The patterning is the same although the menstrual cycle is felt more deeply as it is an embodied process. If you are on the cusp of or have crossed the menopause, you will work retrospectively recovering something of your menstrual cycle story, understanding how the cyclical powers exist within you still and how to honour them, while also exploring this in the context of the transition of menopause itself. If you are pregnant or in early motherhood your exploration of the menstruality maps will support the initiation you’re currently in.

This recording is last year's introduction to the 2020 MLP online:

‘Menstruality is the golden thread in a living tapestry that is being woven around the world. It helps us make sense not just of our own cycles, but our souls and our deeper calling to create a new story for womankind, the womb of the world.’
Clare Dubois
Founder, Treesisters

What our graduates are saying...
This menstruality work has, and continues, to influence my life at the deepest level and I thank you for, and honour you for this amazing gift that you have given, to me, to so many others. As you know, my own entrance at the door of menopause was pretty dramatic, and I can honestly say that without the understanding I had from the training, from practicing cycle awareness and of the menopause rite of passage, I don’t think I would have got through it.

Doing the training was one of the best decisions of my life. As a holistic therapist and yoga and meditation teacher, the training and my own practice with MCA are priceless in the work that I do. Teaching and sharing this deep wisdom with women, I see the profound change and understanding that develops in them; the healing, the delight in finding where their power and happiness lies.

Working with my own cycle brought me to a place of really meeting my power and honouring myself and it gives me so much pleasure to see this happening for other women. This truly is the absolute ‘key’ to women’s wholeness on all levels. The more women that become educators of this deep wisdom and share it, the quicker the earth and this world will heal.
Nalini Deane
Women’s Wellness Therapist, Yoga and Meditation teacher and Dance of Awareness teacher, 2014
You would not be able to fully understand how much my life has changed or how much you and the other women in the MLP Tribe have changed my life. One of things that I have learned from you…is that I must learn to trust. You trust and you have co-created with the divine. You have touched so many lives. And now the women in the MLP tribe are motivated to go out and help and serve other women! I never imagined or even believed that I could be this well and I know that I still have a lot to do. But here is the big change for me, I am actually getting on with it. I am all zipped up, a whole complete woman full of light, dark, softness, harshness. So while I had absolutely no intention of enjoying this journey…I am loving it! Not that it is easy on the contrary, but it is blissful because it is honest, real and true!
Althea Hart
Community worker, 2012/13
The best thing I have ever done! To learn to live The Womanly Way, to befriend myself in all (yes, all!) seasons of my menstrual cycle, to delve where I have never delved before, and come out feeling so, so alive and juicy wanting to share it with my sisters. This apprenticeship has given me the biggest Mother-Hug of my life!
Jane Legge
The Curriculum

The aim of the Menstruality Leadership Programme is to restore the initiatory process that is held within the menstrual cycle and in the arc of the menstrual journey from menarche to menopause. In doing so, fully name and illuminate Menstruality as a spiritual path and practice encoded in your body.

The programme is a supported space for you to realise the extraordinary levels of power that are available to you within the monthly menstrual cycle*. And to experience what this depth of power reveals and awakens in you.

Our aim is to equip you with a 'how-to guide' to access the true evolutionary potential of your cyclical consciousness.

You'll come away with a sturdy and sophistocated working relationship with your menstrual cycle; aquire the life skills you need to feel held and guided by Menstruality — to unfold your unique Calling and experience the satisfaction of being your full self.

*If you're in menopause or are post menopausal this programme is still relevant for you. Watch our recent Q+A here about how this programme can serve you.

In this training we will encounter and explore seven key elements of menstruality:

1. initiation

  • Learn what initiation really means, and experience how it is built into each menstrual month and into the Menstruality journey from menarche to menopause (including conception, pregnancy and birth — for those who go down this path).
  • Prepare for the peak moments of the Menstruality initiation, in particular menstruation and menopause. (And for those who have children, conception, pregnancy and birth.)

2. The three archetypal powers

  • The power of encounter (the via negativa, from ovulation to menstruation)
  • The power of agency (the via positiva, from menstruation to ovulation)
  • The power of presence (the meeting and integration of the two vias)

3. Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA)

  • Learn how to really practise MCA to awaken the spiritual forces and activate the initiatory power within your menstrual cycle.
  • Apply the power of encounter in your MCA practice.
  • Apply the power of agency in your MCA practice.
  • Combine these skills to embed the art of Menstrual Cycle Awareness as an implicit organising intelligence that holds, guides and informs the unfolding of the highest possibility for your life.
  • Restore the natural order of the cycle — your inner ecology — to restfully inhabit your nature and release your talents, skills and strengths.

4. The three inner maps

  • Taste the next level potential and power that is packed into each of the inner maps — the inner architecture of the menstrual cycle:
  • The Two Vias
  • The Inner Seasons and the Cross Over Days
  • The Five Chambers of Menstruation (which mirror the five phases of menopause)

5. The three LAYers

  • Discover and work with the different layers of healing and power within the menstrual cycle and learn how these layers unfold through the initiatory arc of your life.
  • Wellness — self care (modulating the nervous system), building self awareness and deepening embodiment, establishing the order of the cycle and your inner ecology.
  • Creativity — finding and fulfilling your Calling.
  • Spirituality — the initiatory process of awakening to expanded levels of consciousness, opening fully to the spiritual dimension/divine. This rests on the wellness and creativity layers.

What you won’t get from the Menstruality Leadership Programme

  • The physiology of the menstrual cycle
  • Instruction in how to do fertility awareness
  • Specific details/material on how to prepare young people for their first period. (Check out the work of Jane Bennett and Celebration Day for Girls)
  • Specific instruction in how to facilitate this work, although you can use the exercises you learn on the course, with an appropriate credit to Red School. Many of the previous apprentices have gone on to set up their own workshops/programmes driven by a passion for the work and with the skills they already have. The vital first step towards facilitation is your own embodiment of the material — you can only teach what you have deeply felt. We will be offering further training in the future.

Personally you will receive:

  • A detailed and intimate grounding in your own cycle pattern through its various seasons and layers
  • An ability to read your cycle’s signs for insight into your own nature, needs and Calling
  • An appreciation of your strengths and vulnerabilities and how to care for and capitalise on them
  • A self–care tool kit
  • Greater clarity and connection to your Calling — your Wild Power
  • An emerging inner authority
  • A feeling of being recognised / seen by yourself and others
  • A community who are on your side with support, insight, cheerleading and extraordinary wisdom and skills to share
  • A deeper understanding of the Feminine and a stronger capacity to realise its presence in the world

Professionally, you will gain

  • An inner authority to share and facilitate this knowledge
  • An understanding of menstruality — can be used to hold menstruality circles and/or offer menstruality mentoring
  • Apply menstruality within your chosen field/profession
  • Become an advocate/activist for menstruality in the world — raising awareness
  • Develop your personal expertise or area of speciality within the menstruality field, for example birth, motherhood, menopause*, research, mental health
  • Embed within a professional menstruality peer group
  • Be a forerunner in the menstruality movement

* If you want to teach and coach in the area of menopause, you would also need to attend our Menopause: The Great Awakener online course.

Please note: we don’t teach you how to teach this material but rather support the awakening of your authority to do that.

Bookings for the 2023 Menstruality Leadership Programme
are now closed. Sign-up for the 2024 waitlist below.
What our graduates are saying...
The Menstruality Leadership Programme is a rare gift; a unique opportunity for self discovery that opens doors to every aspect of our reality. It is humbling to see how far I have come myself in terms of emotional strength and awareness. The programme has enabled me to embody an understanding of how vital it is for women to befriend their menstrual consciousness – undoubtedly a fast track to progress in terms of personal development. As these past 9 months have been possibly the most insightful and potent of my life so far, I look to the future with intrigue, awake to the manifold possibilities that Alexandra and the MLP have brought.
Penny Fuller
Yoga Teacher, 2011/12
As someone who has grappled with the ‘feminine principle’ and how to recover it to some balance in my own life, the Menstruality Leadership Programme takes the notion of the restoration of the feminine principle into a grounded embodied place. After years of trying to search for answers this training has revealed much to me, and drawn it out from within; clarity, how I operate in the world and a very clear path of what I need to do now. Practical magic! I’m finally feeling at home in myself for the first time ever. The impact has been massive for me.
Adrienne Egan
Maya Massage therapist and healer, 2011/12
The Menstruality Leadership Programme is nothing short of a miracle. Through the experience, I am delighted to have created a personal, practical and useful toolkit to life, including: a feminine instruction manual on the inner workings of my cycle and the creative process, an internal map that guides me straight to profound connection with nature, a sound-proof room to keep my Inner Critic in when it gets too much, a five star cleaning service that has loosened some deep rooted emotional clogs and blockages and a Dictionary of Acceptance that allows all my feelings, thoughts and words to be heard and not judged.
Grace Winteringham
Co-founder PATTERNITY, 2018
Course Prerequisites

The following are prerequisites for participation in the Menstruality Leadership Programme. If you are still in the process of reading the books, please go ahead and register, and ensure you complete it before we begin the programme.

  • Read our book Wild Power at least once, and if you're age 35+ also read Wise Power.
  • Get stuck into the foundational practice of ongoing menstrual cycle awareness. Above all begin charting your cycle (work with the moon cycle if you are in or post menopause). You can’t know it enough.
Strongly recommended preparation:

You will have the opportunity to become a certified Red School Menstruality Mentor upon completion of the programme. The following are the minimum requirements to be certified:

  • 5 Listening partnerships 
  • Present at 2 mentoring circles
  • Attend 5 live sessions
  • Attend or watch 3 processing sessions
  • Listen to all teachings
  • Complete all workbook exercises
  • Participate in 3 one to one sessions with your mentor
  • Complete the final self reflection (1000 words max)

This course is for you if:

  • You are longing for an immersive deep dive into the world of menstruality.
  • You want to actively participate in a like-minded community of cycle-savvy people.
  • You are able to dedicate a minimum of 3-4 hours a week to engage with the material and practice, including: 
    — the online teachings and exercises, 
    — the live sessions and processing sessions,
    — listening partnerships, 
    — the one to one sessions with your mentor
    — and the mentoring circles.
  • You are resourced to tend to your inner process and have the support you need to immerse yourself in this work. (It’s important that you have the support to look after yourself as this work can sometimes be catalytic).

This course is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for a quick qualification in the menstruality field.
  • You don’t have the time / space / capacity to attend the live sessions and complete the course work.
  • You don’t want to engage with a community.
  • You are looking for therapy or a quick fix for your menstrual problems.
How to Book
What's included?
When you choose to join our 2023 programme, you’ll receive:
  1. Three months of immersive teachings, processing sessions and practices from Alexandra and Sjanie.
  2. An orientation session, a one-to-one menstruality coaching session, and a Menstruality Medicine Circle session with your dedicated Red School Leadership Mentor.
  3. The opportunity to take part in Mentoring Circles with our leadership mentors, Peer Listening Pods and a Listening Partnership to integrate your insights and learnings. (This year we're also introducing optional focused circles around mothering, fertility/infertility and menopause).
  4. Lifetime access to a course website with a wealth of Menstruality teachings from Alexandra and Sjanie.
  5. Private, intimate, safe, online space hosted on our community platform, Circle (this proves a valuable resource in the sharing and development of experience).
  6. The invitation to join our Menstruality Mentor graduates community — a safe, generative, supportive space for your ongoing cycle-inspired professional and personal development.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Therapeutic resources

We aim to create a supportive and safe community within which you can explore deeply the inner forces of your body. However, such is the power of menstruality, we have found that the initial awakening to this work can sometimes be challenging and catalytic.
It is therefore important that you have some personal development skills and your own therapeutic resources in place
should you need it.

Apply Here


Four, online, 3-week modules


Friday 31st March - Friday 23rd June 2022

Live sessions times:

We host each live session twice. You can choose the time that works best for you

Live group time options:
Monday 11am - 1.30pm New York / 4pm - 6.30pm London

Tuesdays 8:30am - 11am London / 5.30pm - 8pm Sydney

Live Final Closing Circle:
Thursday, June 22nd 11am - 1.30pm New York / 4pm - 6.30pm London

Friday, June 23rd 8:30am - 11am London / 5.30pm - 8pm Sydney


Pay in full: £3,795 (inc VAT*)
(includes £400 non-refundable deposit)

3 month payment plan:
£400 deposit + 3 payments of £1155 (inc VAT*)

12 month payment plan:
£400 deposit + 12 payments of £295 (inc VAT*)

Refund policy: If you choose to cancel, you’ll receive a 100% refund (minus your non-refundable deposit) until Feb 23rd 2023. After that date there will be no further refunds. Once the course begins on 31st March 2023, you are committed to pay the full course fee.

We sell out each year, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Applications will close on March 21st at midnight.

Bookings for the 2023 Menstruality Leadership Programme
are now closed. Sign-up for the 2024 waitlist below.

*VAT (20%) is a UK form of tax that is payable by every individual purchasing the course, no matter of location. If you are purchasing the course as a business registered outside of the UK, you are exempt from paying VAT. Please enter the relevant business information when prompted at checkout to receive your VAT deduction.

Sponsored Places

The Menstruality Foundation

Through the Red School Menstruality Foundation there are a number of partial scholarships available on our 2023 online Menstruality Leadership Programme for people from marginalised communities, including; Black, Indigenous or Persons of Colour (BIPOC), members of the LGBTQIA+ community, people living with a disability and/or who are socio-economically disadvantaged.

Sponsorship applications for the 2023 programme are now closed, and will open again later in the year for our 2024 programme.

Giving Back

When you join the MLP, a portion of your fee, will be donated to the Pachamama Alliance.

Register Now

The Pachamama Alliance, co-founded by Lynne and Bill Twist, was born out of an invitation from the Achuar people in the Amazon to work in partnership with them to preserve their land and culture while bringing forth a new worldview that honors and sustains life. Their programs integrate Indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal, and collective, transformation that is the catalyst to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.

Hear Lynne's story of how the Pachamama Alliance came into being
through a vision she received during menopause.

Your guides

Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer & Alexandra Pope

Co-directors of Red School, Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer have developed a radical new approach to health and wellbeing, creativity, leadership and spiritual life, based on the power of the menstrual cycle.

With combined experience in the fields of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, coaching, embodied movement practices, teaching and facilitation, they are published authors and experts in the field of women’s wellbeing and spirituality. They are a very creative and productive partnership, bringing liberal doses of irreverent humour to their work.
Our Team

Leadership Mentors

Meet Penny Fuller, Jane Watson,
Jady Mountjoy and Abi Denyer-Bewick.

Our faculty at Red School are a team of accomplished, wise and insightful menstruality mentors who collectively bring over three decades of cycle awareness to the Menstruality Leadership Programme.

Working one-to-one, as well as guiding the mentoring circles, your dedicated leadership mentor will tend to your challenges, celebrate your progress and hold you through your initiatory process.

Abi, Jane, Jady and Penny each bring a unique blend of cycle wisdom to the programme, gained from years of being worked by their cycles, as well as apprenticing with Alexandra and Sjanie through all the Red School leadership trainings. As ground-breaking experts in the field of Menstruality they will support you to embody the living Inner Intelligence of your cycle, champion you to step ever deeper into your authority and walk with you as you forge an intimate and trusting relationship with your cycle.

What our graduates are saying

Explore Adele, Christine, Zoe & Nishma's experiences of the
Menstruality Leadership Programme.