Episode 95: How Cycle Awareness Unschools and Restores Your Creativity (Lucy AitkenRead)

Six years ago dedicated imperfectionist and mushroom-foraging witch of business, Lucy AitkenRead moved her family from South London, UK to a yurt in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand where they share their off grid farm with another family and are all unschooling their kids. She now writes and teaches about sustainable living, attachment parenting and living a life without school on her blog, youtube channel and in her courses.

Lucy is also passionate about cycle awareness and today we’re talking about how intimacy to our cycles is the best possible foundational for anything we’re creating, why we all need to be more mammal, and how to free ourselves from the structures that hold us back from creatively expressing ourselves - aka how we can each unschool our creativity.

(This is the second in our summer creativity series where Sophie will be interviewing Alexandra & Sjanie as well as a group of special guests about a cyclical approach to creativity, in the run up to the launch of our brand new course, Your Creative Power, starting in September. Find out more here: www.redschool.net/creativity)

In This Episode:
  • The power of play, making mistakes and detaching from outcomes when it comes to embodying our creative flow (and how Lucy’s unschooled kids have taught her new ways to have fun and follow her instincts).

  • The mini-death of menstruation and what it teaches us about surrendering to the creative process.

  • The three steps to unschooling our creativity, and what becomes possible creatively when we unfurl out from the shape that institutionalised education shaped us and our thoughts into.

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