Your Creative Power

Discover The Blueprint for your
Wildly Fulfilling Creative Life
(and how your menstrual cycle awakens it)

The way that Sjanie and Alexandra teach this work is sacred and really honours who you are. They create the most special, safe container for your unfolding and your becoming.

Nishma Bhimjiyani

This work is so rich, so deep, so exhilarating... it was the missing piece of the puzzle I had been looking for all my life!

Kate Ballo

Does this sound like you?

You have such an outpouring of creative ideas that sometimes you end up feeling overwhelmed, and struggle to get your creative projects up and running.

You’re working on something deeply meaningful to you (whether that’s a book, a business, a family/community, or your own soul path) and you’re frustrated that you keep getting held back by self doubt, imposter syndrome and fear of failure.

You’re longing to make progress with your creations, but you find yourself distracted, procrastinating and can never seem to reach the end goal (cup of tea anyone?!)

We knew these experiences oh so very well.
Until something changed the entire game for us…
We unearthed The Creative Cycle

Over the past four decades of working with 1000s of people and deeply engaging with our own process we’ve uncovered the creative blueprint that lives within the menstrual cycle and the skills needed to successfully work with it.

In this programme we’ll share it all with you, so you can navigate the pitfalls and maximise the potential of each phase of your creative project and lead a fulfilling creative life. One that grows YOU along the way.

Menstruality contains a hidden toolkit for unstoppable creativity (whether you currently have a menstrual cycle of not), including…

A map to help you navigate the inevitable twists and turns of any creative project; one that makes sense of your challenges and gives them a meaningful context.

A reliable set of tools for managing your inner critic so you can come home to a natural sense of grounded confidence in yourself, and your calling.

In-built practices which walk you home to the truth - that you know creativity in your bones, and you have a unique contribution to offer, exactly as you are...

How Menstruality Can Teach You to Live a Wildly Creative Life

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Hi, We’re Alexandra & Sjanie
We’re the founders of Red School and the authors of two Hay House books, Wild Power and Wise Power. We’re honoured to have built a global community of over 50,000 people who are leading the menstruality revolution.
As we’ve grown our ground-breaking body of work—and a successful business—we’ve worked cyclically every step of the way.
We’ve put all of our teachings into practice to write books, create programmes, guide our team, and create dozens of trail-blazing courses with 10,000+ students, including the world’s first leadership training grounded in the cyclical wisdom of the menstrual cycle. (Around one of the most taboo and shameful topics on the planet!)
Cyclicity holds the key to a wildly fulfilling, creative life…
Through 10,000 hours of ethno-biographic research with our students, we’ve clarified the creative challenges that block people from manifesting their creations, and unearthed the menstruality skills that can unlock unlimited creative flow.
We’ve now gathered them all together in our new programme, so that you can birth what you were born to create…

We’re thrilled to invite you to join us for…

Your Creative Power
A soulful, fun and revelatory six-week immersion to learn about the Creative Cycle and how it can support you in a unique and wildly fulfilling creative life.
I had a reasonable dose of scepticism when I entered this work. Alexandra, Sjanie and all of the mentors proved me wrong. I was repeatedly blown away by the heart with which Red School do their work. I felt so held in the loving hands of these incredible women, and so gently forged by the teachings and exercises. I feel such gratitude, and wish that everyone who wants to is able to experience this journey.
Rose Ravetz
When you learn from Alexandra and Sjanie every person is seen as their whole self, and their experience is important - it is woven into the teaching and into the work in this very personalised way. I also love their honesty and their sense of humour, which goes a long way in a topic which can sometimes be heavy!
Suad Ahmed
Having danced with self criticism my entire life, when I heard Sjanie and Alexandra talk about the inner critic having a sacred role, I knew I needed to explore more. Menstrual cycle awareness as a spiritual practice was something I have been seeking for years without knowing it. In answering that call, I've gained incredible access to my inner wisdom and self care practices and am now empowered to share that with others as well.
Amanda Holden
Here’s how it works:

module One:
The Creative Cycle—Your Instruction Manual for Creativity

  • Receive the map that will demystify the creative process and clarify where you may be blocked.
  • Discover how the menstrual cycle teaches you about The Creative Cycle and resources you for Creativity.
  • Learn the skills needed to to fulfil any creative project and realise your genius in the world.

Module Two:
VISION—Receive the Deep Power of Your Creativity

  • Connect with your genius—the value, meaning and purpose that is at work in your life
  • Discover how restedness can help you tap into the well of deep meaning within you, so you can know your worth and be endlessly inspired
  • Learn how to tap into your Calling at menstruation (or dark moon if you are no longer cycling)

Bring a creative project (anything!). In the following three modules we will explore your project through all the phases of The Creative Cycle

module Three:
PLAY—How to Improvise & Experiment Your Way to Creative Flow

  • Bring your creative project to PLAY with
  • Receive personal guidance from your Cycle Oracle to support your project
  • Learn how to awaken humour, childlike innocence and a spirit of discovery to access new levels of confidence and capacity for visibility
  • Discover how to unleash yourself from old stories and discover the safety and potency of being safe to be fully YOU

module Four:
FLOW—How to Awaken Your Love Affair with Creativity

  • Bring your creative project to FLOW with
  • Receive personal guidance from your Cycle Oracle to support you to get stuck into your project
  • Discover how to access and ride the unstoppable power that awakens when you commit fully to your creative mission
  • Learn how to practise the art of appreciation to awaken unwavering belief in yourself and your idea
  • Discover how you can experience deep joy, pleasure and devotion to yourself and your idea—and awaken greater capacity to get shit done in the world

module Five:
DISCERN—How to Meet Feedback as a Creative Ally

  • Bring your creative project for feedback, review and editing
  • Receive personal guidance from your Cycle Oracle to support you to polish the rough diamond of your project
  • Learn to address the elephant in the room: the inner critic
  • Be held as you learn how to harness the power of criticism to access greater alignment with your project and bring it to completion
  • Discover how to awaken true gravitas and authority as a creator

Module Six:
POTENTISE—How to Experience Deep Trust in the Creative Process

  • Put your project down—discover the key to sustainable creative flow: the capacity to hand your creative work over to the Mystery, and the profound power that arises when we walk away (and rest)
  • Learn how to cultivate resilient trust and feel held by Life through all your creative endeavours
  • Meet with an insight council—receive support for your Calling and come out with a new, deeper, more powerful understanding of what you are about

Closing Circle—Anchor Yourself in a Wildly, Fulfilling Creative Life

  • You’ll be guided to integrate the journey you’ve taken so that you can harvest the gold and clarify your best next steps
  • Get setup to use these tools in all your creative projects, for the rest of your wildly creative days
Every other practice I've ever had or explored spiritually or otherwise has asked or demanded that I'd be more. Perpetuating the relentless belief that I will never be enough. Until I became conscious of my cycle and the practice of Menstruality. The practice that is already within me. It gifts me the mystery. Just as I am, nothing more, nothing less.
Laura Geyer
Alexandra and Sjanie have gifted us this new language with which to express and experience life. Their presence is always with me and helping and guiding me. Hearing them both speak I felt a truth that I’d never encountered before. They speak from the heart and from the soul, to the heart and to the soul. I feel their support every step of the way. Their hand has been holding me and they’ve had my back, what teachers, how inspirational.
Kate Shepherd Cohen
Alexandra and Sjanie have got this very nurturing, very honest, very real way about them - everything they share is based on the people they’ve supported throughout their lives but also from lived experience. And because it comes from this place of deep knowing from within themselves, you feel like you have two loving, fierce, honest truth telling mothers by your side.
Soraya Sheikh
The result?

A newly inspired, catalysed and confident YOU, with unleashed, boundless creative potential, practical tools to manage any creative challenges as they arise, and a map for all your future projects, for the rest of your days on this beautiful earth.

Along the way you will:

  • Awaken the grounded confidence, self esteem and self belief needed to start the new business, project, or initiative that your heart has been calling for (perhaps for years)
  • Feel healed - with a new awareness of the core creative wounds that have dampened your capacities, and a clear understanding of how to continue your inner healing work.
  • Activate fresh motivation, vitality, and energy to fuel you in all your creative endeavours.
  • Develop a daily practice to grow tangible trust in cycles, both the cycles within you, and THE Creative Cycle of whatever you’re working on.
  • Discover hidden talents that you didn’t realise you possessed, as well as enhancing your existing gifts and skillset.
  • Receive an out-pouring of new downloads, visions, and ideas (along with a clear knowing of how to create creative riverbanks to channel and sustain them).
  • *Excuse our French*, but you will Get Shit Done in ways you didn’t realise were possible for you (and all within an atmosphere of rest and ease).
  • Discover the power of your menstrual cycle (or your innate cyclical nature, if you’re post-menopause or don’t currently have a menstrual cycle) and what an incredible creative ally it can be for you.
The course is for you if you're...

an entrepreneur (or future business owner)

You will discover how to work with your creative strengths and vulnerabilities to set yourself up for success, impact and a sustainable income.

an artist (or another kind of creative)

You will understand how to move through creative blocks and ride off creative waves to bring your visions into reality.

post-menopause (or don't have a menstrual cycle)

You will get intimate with the creative, cyclical blueprint that lives within you so you can apply it to all your future creative projects, for life.

a parent (or carer)

You will clarify your unique way of embracing parenting as an immensely creative act, so that you can feel creatively fulfilled at this - and every - stage of your life.

feeling stuck (or blocked, disillusioned, lost)

You will locate yourself in the creative cycle, in the different roles in your life, so you can make sense of your experience and find your way back to your unique creative rhythms

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Your Creative Power includes:

We’re really proud to have guided 1000s of students through trail-blazing programmes in a previously unknown field, with incredible feedback. (Boom! That’s the power of The Creative Cycle for you…)

We've combined all our learnings from four decades of therapy, teaching and deep personal inquiry to intentionally design a course that leads to consistent action and real results. And we’ll be by your side every step of the way.

7 x Live Workshops with Alexandra & Sjanie

Each workshop will be a 2.5 hour deep dive into the exact powers, tools, and practices that can guide you to easeful, sustainable, unstoppable creativity.

6 x The Creative Cycle Teachings

Each week you’ll receive a set of brand new teachings to illuminate the potential of each phase of The Creative Cycle, how you can access the power, and exactly how you can apply it all for real in your life.

Your Creative Cycle Playbook

Your companion for the programme, this workbook contains everything you need to harvest the gold from your insights and the guided processes, so you can craft your personal creative plan for all future projects.

Weekly Q+A Time with Alexandra & Sjanie

You’ll have an opportunity to bring all your questions to Alexandra & Sjanie, as they arise, and receive responses tailored to you and your unique situation.

One to One Menstruality Medicine Circle

You’ll receive a transformative, catalytic and deeply supportive session with your personal course mentor (who each have a decade of Menstruality experience) to be held as you receive your intuitive cyclical wisdom and apply it to your current creative challenges.

Your Peer Pod

Your very own creative wolf pack. Your peer pod will witness you, support you and champion you as you unearth your greatest challenges, and discover your innate creative strengths.

Your Creative Power online community

Goodness! Do we need the support of kind, like-minded folks when we embark on anything creative?! In our community hub you’ll be able to bring your full self; the messy and the glorious to receive guidance, cheer-leading and loving witnessing.

Lifetime access

You’ll have ongoing access to all the teachings and written material.

In short, our goal is to go above-and-beyond…

This isn’t the kind of program where you’ll learn a few ideas which you promptly forget, this is designed to give you:

… so you can move forward with bold action, confidence and clarity to manifest what you were born to create: a life of deep, creative impact and fulfillment.

Bonus ONE:
Inner Critic Workshop Series

There’s a pesky figure that will trigger you, taunt you and generally do anything to curtail your progress on pretty much any creative adventure. It’s called your “inner critic”, and we have one or seventy thoughts about why it exists, ways to corral it and how it can actually serve your creative process.

In this 2-part workshop series, we’ll guide you to face your inner critic and free yourself from the self doubt, imposter syndrome, fear of failure and overwhelm it so loves to create, so that you can find the confidence, trust and freedom to do what you’re here to do.

Workshop One: Harness Your Inner Critic - Liberate Your Power (You’ll receive this recording as soon as you join the programme)

Workshop Two: Your Inner Critic - Your Gateway to Your Creative Power (Join us live on September 7th at 4pm UK - or we’ll send you a recording).

Bonus TWO:
Your Creative Power Meditation

We’ll guide you in a Menstruality Medicine Circle to locate where you are in the Creative Cycle at any point within a creative project. And you’ll receive personalised cycle wisdom and guidance about how to tend to this part of the process. You can come back to this again and again anytime you feel stuck or challenged.

One of the most powerful aspects of this kind of experience is the relief, belonging and grounding you receive from seeing that many of your challenges are collective. This is potent medicine for all our creative projects.

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What is Your Big Bold Thing?

You have something bold within you. Everyone does. An unimaginable or impossible dream that is rooted in the knowing that you have the power to create great effect and change; to transform our world, to be a ground breaker in your field, to create social justice, to be a voice for the earth—it looks different for each of us.

Your Big Bold Thing can take many forms—it can be public and visible, or subtle and hidden. It can be loud, colourful and in-your-face, or quiet and gentle—flowing through metaphorical underground rivers.

Each and every Big Bold Thing is needed. Now, more than ever.

Another way of saying this is that you have a Calling, and since you’re reading this, we sense it is likely to be a biggie.

For this Calling and the Vision that anchors it to be sustained, something needs to be unearthed in you—a recognition of your bigness, of your power and potential.

If you don’t dare to entertain your bigness you can easily thwart yourself, sell yourself short, and resign yourself to playing small.

(And by the way, as you read this, you may notice that your inner critic is already telling you not to entertain such boldness for fear of failure or looking foolish or that you are inadequate. And to your inner critic we politely say ‘piss off’. Your Big Bold Thing is turf that your critic must not be let in on. Period.)

Your boldness (hell let's go for arrogance!) will be counterweighted with humility in due course.

The Your Creative Power programme will hold you to receive your enormous power so that your Big Bold Thing can be revealed, nurtured and—in time—fully expressed.

We would absolutely love to have you with us for this wild ride…

Celebrating you and your beautiful, brilliant, Big, Bold Thing,

— Alexandra and Sjanie

When I first began to study with Alexandra and Sjanie, I sensed that the invitation from them came from a deep and wise and embodied place - which was so refreshing in a world so full of courses and information. I knew that this was something really different, and learning from them has changed my life in beautiful, subtle yet deeply impactful ways. As an activist, I’m so grateful to feel that I can be part of the menstruality puzzle, and I’m forever grateful to Red School for being the catalyst at the start of my journey.
Ruby May
Sjanie and Alexandra bring years of work and experience to the table, and hold such a deeply transformative space. As I move out into the world with all I have learned, I notice that I have a deeper sense of trust in myself and my body. I am feeling so much more versed in how to live cyclically, and with such a sense of permission to be the woman I am. Finally I feel I have a map to live by that honours the intelligence within me. I wish for all women to have the chance to learn from Red School....these teachings are without a doubt the most fundamental skills a woman needs.
Fiona Montgomery
For years I had been trying to understand the meaning of "feminine" and trying to rejoin that side of myself. Nothing ever really felt right. I felt the wound of patriarchy invading all the feminine spaces and I never really felt like I belonged in those spaces. Until I was called to this work. There are no words big enough to describe how profoundly changed I am by this knowledge and these practices. I am beyond grateful to you Alexandra and Sjanie, I can never thank you enough! You have definitely changed my life.
Vera Duse
I have reclaimed my own ground. One that was inbuilt within me: Who I am, what I am about, the essence and expression of my particular nature. A truly rich, deep, Life-affirmative and Life-transforming experience.
Yasha Sukul
I thought I was already quite connected to my intuition before, but now I feel pragmatically equipped to live to the full potential of my sacred, sensitive feminine nature. A lot of healing has happened behind the scenes, which was worth years of psychotherapy and work with spiritual teachers. A giant thank you.
Celine Vidal
I am back to who I was originally created to be in the most wonderful way. I feel my nature as nature. I am free, so full of options and love. I am married to me. I am married to the cycle of me and what it brings. I love each aspect of it and surrender fully to this power.
Dr. Cre Dye
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