Episode 92: The Power and Wisdom Within Your Pelvic Bowl (Tami Lynn Kent)

When I first dreamed into the Menstruality Podcast, my guest today was one of the first people I knew I wanted to interview, and it’s taken a while, but boy, is it worth the wait!

Tami Lynn Kent is the author of Wild Feminine and the creator of Holistic Pelvic Care,
and I’ve been lucky to study with her several times over the past decade - the results have been transformative for me. Today's far-reaching conversation explores the power and medicine we hold in our pelvic bowls and how we can resource ourselves as we 'work on the frontlines of the feminine'.

In This Episode:
  • What could become possible if we continued the ancient indigenous practice of listening to the menstrual dreamers in our communities, as guides.

  • Why Tami came to be known as the Vagina Whisperer, and the shame that shifts when we are deeply honoured in this part of our bodies.

  • The funny, and deeply beautiful thing that happened when Tami taught her sons about the power of menstruation.

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