Episode 87: The Magic of Maori Menstrual Wisdom & Rituals (Hinewai Waitoa)

Hinewai Waitoa is doing powerful work to reclaim  Maori menstrual wisdom. In her words: “Colonisation took so much of what was magic about Maori culture when it came to things like menstruation practices. We are still reclaiming our sacred ways here in Aotearoa”.

Hinewai is a māmā to two unschooled mini beings and the creator of Waikuranuku Indigenous devoted to wholistic womb wellness, reclamation & womb sovereignty.

Her reclamation journey has unfolded over the past 15 years and she now lives her life purpose holding space for kōhine - girls, wāhine - women, tāne - men and whānau - families, to reconnect to and understand the natural rhythms and cycles of the womb,  heal inter-generational trauma and create a more nourishing connected loving earth for all living beings.

In This Episode:

- How Hinewai is currently preparing her tamahine - her daughter - for her menarche rite of passage.

- What it means to “speak aroha” - love - into the centre of our beings, and how to work with it as a powerful menstrual practice, and an act of rebellion which creates deep, inner alignment.

- What is inside Hinewai’s ‘kete ikura” - her menstrual cycle basket - and how she uses it to keep her anchored into a real, lived honouring of her cycle.

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