Menopause Remedies and Resources

natural remedies and resources for nourishing your overall health and wellness before, during and after menopause.
A free online resource
from co-founders of Red School
Alexandra Pope.
Hi, I'm Alexandra and I'd love you to feel utterly supported and resourced as you go through menopause.

I'm delighted to share with you tips, tools and practices that you can do for yourself to nourish and sustain you through menopause. These are things that saw me through my own menopause and are still core to my self care today.

I want you to feel you have agency to make a difference to your health. Your experience of menopause is rooted in all the many acts of consistent kindness and self care you bring to yourself, from the practical to the more subtle.

Sjanie and I have devoted over 10,000 hours of research, personal exploration and listening to the experiences of 1000s of people to reveal the power and potential of menopause. And tending to your health will allow you to discover and inhabit that power more and more.

We wish you well in your menopause journey of awakening.

Remedies and Resources

As an accompaniment to our book Wise Power: Discover the Liberating Power of Menopause to Awaken Authority, Purpose and Belonging (Hay House, 2022) we created this free online resource for you. In it Alexandra shares her favourite self-care tips, natural remedies and practices that have supported her through menopause and continue to support her ongoingly.
our book
We have an important story to share with you about the power of menopause

We’ve a radical idea for you: menopause holds the key to your deepest fulfilment and the future of our planet. This may sound bold, but to us, it’s indisputable. In this book we’ll show you how to realize the potential
and power of menopause, for both yourself and the world.

Order your copy of our Hay House book, Wise Power now to discover the liberating power of menopause to awaken authority, purpose and belonging (And enjoy instant access to our bonuses).

Praise For Wise Power
It’s more than time that women began having new conversations about menopause, telling each other stories about beginnings, not endings. Wise Power is a rich, inspiring and practical guide to navigating this time of bone-deep metamorphosis – a thoughtfully crafted map charting the new opportunities ushered in by this profound initiatory experience.
Sharon Blackie MA
PhD, Author of Hagitude and If Women Rose Rooted.
This book is essential. Finally a map and a guide for one of life's greatest initiations and greatest confusions for women. No longer shrouded in shadow, the path becomes one of courage and beauty, letting go and allowing. Instead of holding on to what we know, we are shown how to understand a level of spiritual emergence that can and should transform our lives into expressions of personal sovereignty and authority. What a blessing of a book.
Clare Dubois
Founder of TreeSisters
Wise Power reveals menopause as a time of awakening and spiritual activation. Like an elder sister, Wise Power guides us through the five stages of the menopausal initiation so that we may celebrate our well earned wisdom and timeless beauty.
Tami Lynn Kent
author of Wild Feminine, Wild Creative and Mothering from Your Center