The Wise Power Retreat

Discover the Liberating Power of Menopause to Awaken Authority, Purpose and Belonging
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We’ve a radical idea for you: menopause holds the key to your deepest fulfilment and the future of our planet. This may sound bold, but to us, it’s indisputable.

In 2022, we hosted a live Wise Power Retreat, including a series of intimate conversations about the true potential and power of menopause.

The feedback was so good that we decided to make this an ongoing series. So, when you register below, you’ll receive access to the 10 original conversations about the power of menopause (see the full line up below), as well as a new conversations each month.

Our guests are a group of inspiring changemakers, teachers, and creatives, including visionary activist Lynne Twist, naturopathic doctor Lara Briden, and mythologist Sharon Blackie. As each guest shares what menopause has revealed and liberated in them, and you’ll be invited to explore the power, authority and purpose that menopause can awaken in you

The Wise Power Retreat

A Series of Intimate Conversations
about the Power of Menopause

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How the Wise Power retreat works:


You’ll receive our original retreat content, including seven in-depth, honest conversations between Alexandra Pope and our special guests, who share generously about their personal menopause experiences.


You’ll also receive three bonus interviews with experts in the field, about menopause health symptoms, sex in menopause and healing the mother wound in menopause.


Every month, we'll share a new intimate encounter with Alexandra and a special guest, about what menopause has revealed and awakened in them.

Together we’ll discover what's possible (individually and collectively) when the menopause rite of passage is supported and dignified.
Together we’ll write a new story of menopause…



Menopause is a disaster waiting to happen

Menopause is an initiation into power

You’re suffering from a health condition

You’re experiencing a lack of respect & support for the spiritual process you’re undergoing

You’re losing it

The critical, provocative energy of menopause is a sign that you’re coming to your senses

You’re past your best

Now you’re more needed than ever

What is Wise Power?

We believe that menopause initiates you into a form of leadership that is infused with love and wisdom - your Wise Power.

We think of menopause as the Great Awakener. It’s a call for us to wake up – both to who we truly are and to our responsibility for Life.

It’s a personal transformation that also serves these times in which we’re living.

Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges on many fronts: the very future of our planet is at stake. We need to rise to these challenges and bring new, creative responses to seemingly insurmountable problems.

No one person or solution will provide the answer – we’re all needed. You have an important part to play – big or small, public or private – a singular Calling with which you’ve come coded.

Stepping up to and fulfilling your Calling will demand much of you, and so you need to be prepared. Menopause is your ultimate preparation.

Menopause mobilizes the singular genius of you - your Wise Power - to bring a positive influence to the planet, unleash your personal agency and potency and step into your authority.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this conversation series and find the power in your menopause process exactly as it is, so that together we can ignite a conscious menopause revolution.

Your retreat schedule:


The Alchemy of Menopause: Re-imagining the Second Half of Life

With Sharon Blackie, award-winning writer, psychologist and mythologist

Sharon explores how she worked with menopause as an alchemical process, transforming the physical and emotional heat into a life-enhancing fire that can guide the last decades of our lives, which - as Sharon says - may be the most dynamic of all.


The Initiation of Menopause: Coming Home to Yourself

With Chameli Ardagh, visionary and CEO of Awakening Women

Chameli shares generously from the darkest moments of her menopause initiation, revealing how it has awakened a profound humility, self compassion, and a new capacity for inner mothering which is transforming her life and work.


The Shape-shifting of Menopause: Finding our Way Through Liminal Times

With Omisade Burney-Scott, the creator of The Black Girls Guide to Surviving Menopause

A ‘cartographer of the menopausal multiverse’, Omisade has gathered 100s of stories about how we can shapeshift into a more soulful version of ourselves in menopause, receive support, trust our bodies and create a deeply meaningful life post-menopause.


The Vulnerability of Menopause: Opening up to New Creativity, Truth and Clarity

With Kate Codrington, the author of Second Spring: A Self Care Guide to Menopause

Menopause returned Kate to her creativity, though it was a bumpy ride. Kate shares how she took care of her deep self in menopause and held herself through the unravelling, along the way realising the truth that ‘if it looks messy in menopause, you’re on the right path’.


The Transformation of Menopause: Stepping into our Responsibility to Life

With Jane Hardwicke Collings, teacher, former midwife and creator of the School of Shamanic Womancraft

Jane shares how she prepared for menopause, the gifts it gave her of intuition, vision, confidence and courage, and the new responsibility she feels post-menopause - to be the archetypal grandmother stepping into her power and using it for the good of all, and the earth.


The Fire of Menopause: Navigating the Emotional Heat

With Marcela Lobos, author and teacher at the Four Winds Society

Direct from the midst of the menopause initiation, Marcela shares how she is weaving a web of resources around her as the menopause alchemical process burns through all that isn’t her true self, especially in her intimate relationship.


The Re-ignition of Menopause: Living a Committed Life

With Lynne Twist, visionary activist, author and founder of The Pachamama Alliance

In menopause, Lynne received a series of visions which inspired a profound shift in her calling, from ending world hunger, to restoring the world’s rainforests. Lynne celebrated how she is more turned on and fired up than ever in her 70s, and the potential that awaits us all post-menopause.


Menopause: Your Gateway to Wise Power

LIVE ONLINE EVENT with Alexandra & Sjanie

Join our global community live to take a guided journey into the Wise Power that lives in your unique menopause experience.

This event will also serve as an introduction of our Menopause: The Great Awakener online menopause course, starting Nov 2nd.

Your bonus interviews:
When you join the retreat, you’ll also receive instant access to the following three bonus interviews:
How to Feel Better in Menopause

With ND, Lara Briden, author of the Hormone Repair Manual

How to approach menopause and perimenopause health challenges.

How to Approach Sex in Menopause

With Dr Sonia Wright, sexual counselor and certified life coach.

How sex changes in midlife and how to manage it.

Healing the Mother Wound in Menopause

With Bethany Webster, author of Discovering The Inner Mother

How to reclaim our inner mother.

The Wise Power Retreat

A Series of Intimate Conversations
about the Power of Menopause

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The Wise Power Retreat

Discover the Liberating Power of Menopause

October 11th - 18th 2022
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About Your Hosts

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer are the co-founders of Red School and the authors of Wise Power: Discover the Liberating Power of Menopause to Awaken Authority, Purpose and Belonging.
After working together since 2009, we co-founded Red School in 2014 with a mission to restore menstrual cycle awareness as an initiatory path and spiritual practice, ignite the conscious menopause revolution, and train the menstruality leaders of the future.