Episode 49: Trauma, The Nervous System and Menstrual Health (Lisa De Jong)

What is the connection between trauma, the nervous system and menstrual health? 

This week we’re speaking with Lisa De Jong, who shares in depth about her experience with a decade of chronic pain, an eventual endometriosis diagnosis, and her experience of trauma healing and nervous system regulation

Lisa is a graduate of our Menstruality Leadership programme and has infused the teachings with ground-breaking science and created a brilliant body of work around trauma, pain, healing and the nervous system.

In This Episode:
  • Why it’s harder to manage stress in the premenstrual phase (as well as perimenopause and menopause), and how our cyclical nature impacts our capacity to regulate our nervous systems.

  • How unprocessed trauma and grief can contribute to menstrual health challenges like PMDD and endometriosis, and how to find agency in the face of collective trauma due to patriarchy, racism and other forms of systemic oppression.
  • Nervous system regulation, polyvagal theory and what being in the ‘rest and digest’ mode of the nervous system can mean for healing and managing chronic pain, especially for highly sensitive people.
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