Episode 41: Queer Menstruality - Creating a Culture of Belonging

One of the beautifully challenging things about cultivating an intimacy with our menstrual cycles, or menopause process, is that it opens us up to the world. 

To the beauty of life, and to the pain. 

This quality of tender, unarmoured presence is real medicine for a world that can feel full of conflict, pretense, injustice and a lack of capacity to be with difference. 

A devoted practice of cycle awareness helps us to see that we all belong; to ourselves, to the rhythm and flow of the natural world, and to each other.

Today we’re marking Pride Month, with a podcast episode about how menstrual cycle awareness can help us to be with difference, and create true cultures of belonging. 

Our guest is Abi Denyer-Bewick, a queer menstuality educator and member of the Red School faculty. We chat about the menstruality learning session she recently offered our Menstruality Leadership Programme graduates on 'Inclusive menstruality', including:

In This Episode:

How to create a culture of belonging for women and everyone who menstruates.

What life might look like for a trans, non-binary or gender expansive menstruator.

How to work with the fear, trauma or other big emotions that may arise as we explore how to be with difference, together. 

We also share some guidance for how to take this belonging and inclusion work deeper, from a range of brilliant LGBTQ+ educators.

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