Episode 7: How to Harness Cycle Awareness for Sustainable Activism (Vianney Leigh)

Towards the middle of 2020, Cycle Alignment Guide and Red School MLP student, Vianney Leigh saw the extent of the burnout in her community, and decided to take action.

In the weeks following the Black Lives Matter uprising, she used her own cycle awareness practice to create Period Power Activism, a coaching program that supports advocates and activists to align with the cycle and create sustainable change whilst making room for rest and sustained energy levels.

We celebrate the many passionate activists in our community. Whether you’re working to dismantle systemic racism, make the Menstruality field more LGBTQ+ inclusive, decolonise yoga, end period poverty, fight for climate justice, or advocate for another cause we hope these groundbreaking teachings about cycles and activism support you to speak truth and stand for your values without burning out.

In This Episode:
  • How each inner season of the menstrual cycle can support sustainable activism, help you manage burnout, guilt and anxiety, cultivate more confidence and receive more cyclical wisdom and inner guidance.

  • How Vianney harnessed her creative inspiration and natural capacity to connect with her audience in her inner summer, as well as the potent focus and instinctive impulses of inner autumn to craft her Period Power Activism course.

  • The Black menstrual health crisis, Black maternal health crisis and Black mental health crisis and the extent of the social justice work that is needed.

  • … but first Vianney began by generously and vulnerably sharing her story of working with a PMDD diagnosis and how her cycle initiated a profound spiritual awakening for her.

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Show Notes:

Order Alexandra and Sjanie’s book Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power.

Episode Transcript
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