Episode 45: The Power of Cycle Awareness for Menstrual Health Challenges (Alexandra Pope)

Do you suffer from menstrual pain, or other cycle challenges such as PMS, PMDD or managing irregular cycles?

In this episode we explore how the practice of menstrual cycle awareness creates a ground for healing, helps us to take stand for what we need, and supports us to create a new relationship with the challenges we face, and to trust that something meaningful is at work. 

Alexandra shares her personal story with a decade of menstrual pain, and what supported her to heal and eventually become pain-free. Sophie describes what supported her to transform chronic pain and pre-menstrual rage into a new relationship with her power.

In This Episode:
  • The connection between our personal suffering and what’s happening in the collective and on our planet.

  • How cycle awareness helps us to manage chronic stress, which can be the foundation of so many health challenges, and awakens our faculties of knowing; our gut intelligence, our heart knowing, and our ‘pelvic brain’.

  • How your cycle is - as Lisa Hendrickson Jack says - your ‘fifth vital sign’, giving you important information about your overall health and stress levels, and how to approach healing if you feel you’re in perimenopause.

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