Episode 32: How to Navigate PMDD and Pre-Menstrual Rage (Chloe Caldwell)

When author, Chloé Caldwell turned 31, her experience of her menstrual cycle changed. Her monthly outbursts of pre-menstrual rage and anxiety began to dominate her life and compromise her relationship.

Compelled to understand the truth of what was happening to her, Chloé researched menstruation throughout history, read everything she could about PMS and was eventually diagnosed with premenstrual dysphoric disorder, PMDD.

In this episode Chloé shares honestly, generously and vulnerably about her journey through PMDD, and how —along with proper treatment— the medicine of self-acceptance, self-compassion, and transcending shame were the ultimate keys to relief.

In This Episode:
  • Chloé’s searching, galvanizing memoir about PMDD and how we must bring a multi-layered approach to managing and healing it.

  • PMDD and relationships - including practical tools and approaches to navigate PMDD with your partner, children or other loved ones.

  • The “Jekyll and Hyde” nature of PMDD, why it is referred to as werewolf week, and how cycle symptoms, including PMDD can be a gateway to knowing ourselves and accessing our wildness and ultimately, growing into a fuller version of ourselves.

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