Episode 132: How to be a Cycle-Aware Activist As a Highly Sensitive Person (Dorcas Cheng-Tozen)

Today's episode is for you if you’re curious about how to maintain healthy boundaries when you are working to create change for a cause that you deeply care about. It’s especially for you if you self-identify as a highly sensitive person.

Many people come to cycle awareness because they are feeling burnt out from a system that pushes them beyond their natural limits.
Our guest today, Dorcas Cheng-Tozen is someone who knows burnout intimately, and - luckily for us - has devoted herself to a study of how we sensitives can find our way to contribute to creating a more just and beautiful world, which doesn’t break us in the process.

Dorcas Cheng-Tozen is an award-winning writer, editor, speaker, and communications consultant whose work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal and today we’re diving into her brilliant new book: Social Justice for the Sensitive Soul: How to Change the World in Quiet Ways.

In This Episode:

We explore:

  • The "Activist Ideal" and the peer pressure that exists within activist circles to be ‘on’ all the time, willing to sacrifice mind, body and soul on the altar of the cause.
  • A wide variety of activist approaches and roles for sensitive, introverted empaths; including research, art as activism, record-keepers, builders, and what Dorcas calls relational activism.

  • The ‘seasons of activism’ and how to find your own natural ebb and flow as you work to increase the love, compassion and justice in the world.

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