The Spiritual Tool Of Our Time: The Red Flag

Jessica Zinchuk, Story Medicine Woman

From the moment of birth we are dying.

We come into this world with the gift of life force, our choices determine the course of our aging process and or how our life force is used up over the span of our Earth Journey.

So many of us have not been taught how to protect, respect and or work with life force energy, let alone dare to use it to fulfill our own soul desires or preservation! Instead, we were indoctrinated to survive, compete, comply and trust institutions to lead us in a “good” way. We've been programmed to continue pushing, achieving, producing and being nice through our bodily function of menstruation for Great Mother knows TOO LONG. Expecting human beings to continuously uphold an ovulatory state of energy is a recipe for disaster in that way that we are neglecting the body’s needs and processes. Continuing to ignore and dismiss the rhythms of the Earth and our bodies as One in the same perpetuates the problems and pain of our world and will soon lead to human extinction.

It is my humble spiritual opinion and understanding that through the hardships, lessons and collective initiation of moving through the global pandemic of COVID-19 and many other forms of global unrest that we are being guided back, to return to "The Great Mother’s Time”. What does that mean? Well, we are called to examine our beliefs and our relationship to Death as it shakes our planet anew! We are called to slow down and be with ourselves in order to recreate the world (beginning with the inner) with a more serious sense of Oneness and Unity moving forward. Simply put, The Great Mother’s Time does not rush ANYTHING before it is ready. Both individually and collectively we must restore a healthy relationship to Death, only the Grandmother's Rainbow Song can save us now.

When we STOP to PAUSE…and HONOR Death, acknowledging and releasing our old pain, making room, returning to nothingness, something MAGICAL happens….


Being in marriage to my blood has saved my life. I believe with my whole heart and Soul returning to the Wisdom Of The Menstruation can transmute the pain of our world, restrengthen the Web Of Life and save our species. This is why I’ve created the spiritual tool known as “The Red Flag”. Let me tell you more…I am urging women to STOP when they bleed to adequately rest and heal through taking what I call a “Sacred Pause”. To be clear this restorative practice is not new, it is an ancient practice reimagined for our time. You can embolden the Sacred Pause Practice by using The Red Flag as a form of protection, it communicates the following: “I am claiming my space to heal and be made new in rest. It is my birthright to feel safe.

I hang my Red Flag on my bedroom door when I’m in Sacred Pause so that my family can acknowledge my menstruation and support my needs at that time. Since sharing this tool, it has helped many others in slowing down and asking for what they need. Join us!

You can receive my FREE teaching of “Red Flag & Sacred Pause” by joining my email list via my website The PDF teaching includes storytelling, materials and instructions for creating your own flag at home and so much more! Through my online store, Our Lady Of Kelp & Creation (LINK: I offer both plain and painted (with my art) Red Flags if you don’t feel like making your own!

Something to keep in mind as you embark on painting your Red Flag…dream up a little ritual or ceremony for yourself and or your circle if painting with others! Perhaps a self-initiated Coming Of Age or by taking vows to the Moon, Earth, your Blood and or Rest. Follow your imagination!

I ask that all reverence my teaching by ONLY using red cloth and white fabric paint as these two colors carry with them a very protective, spiritual power and are traditional to the ancestral wisdom I’m sharing.

It’s important to note that although this teaching of Red Flag and Sacred Pause hold the bleeding Woman at heart, ANYONE can practice and tap into the healing powers of the Wisdom Of Menstruation. This is what is special about my teaching, it’s offered to the collective as a new way of being!

An example would be your husband paints his own Red Flag tool, takes a couple days for Sacred Pause each month to self-reflect, pray and refill - pretty radical right?

Another example is older women, both perimenopausal or menopausal whom never had the chance to deeply connect to their bleeding years and or whom feel strongly about religiously observing the dark of the moon as a prayer for our planet.

You could hang a Red Flag 40 days after birth to protect a new, vulnerable mother.

Regardless of age or gender, a magnificent time for all to take Sacred Pause is with the Dark or New Moon.

Perhaps you can see now, the possibilities of using the Red Flag are endless!

As we say in storytelling, now that you know this story you have a responsibility to share it with others. May it be so, AMAMA.


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