Stillness - Red Power Card Reading


Stillness is a quintessential power of menstruation. It’s about no-activity - no movement, no sound - stopping that ever driven forward directory that we are can get caught up in our culture.

When you practice Stillness you evoke presence and intimacy with the moment. It is these qualities that allow you to follow the clues of your inner being/menstrual cycle, and become a capable channel for the spiritual forces that are available to you at menstruation.

And if this were not contradictory, if you are following your cycle, staying close to it, you will find organically that you feel the impulse to be still. The cycle rings you to Stillness at menstruation.

With Stillness you can come into the presence of the deeper forces working you, you can feel and allow the subtle energetics of your being release to reveal the deeper spiritual truth at the heart of you.

At menstruation you can experience such exquisite states of being such love, bliss, union and belonging. But if you keep moving and active, apart from missing out on much needed rest and repair (resting at menstruation reaps greater dividends than at any other time in your cycle), you actively block the spiritual forces from pouring through.

Stillness at any time can awaken something special. At menstruation the experience is expanded manyfold over.

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