Signs that you are going through menopause


Signs and signposts that you are negotiating the menopause transition. PS. It starts well before your periods stop.

Menopause: reclaim the dignity and power (an online mini course)

If you want to dive a little deeper into understanding menopause and how you can support yourself to have the best menopause ever, sign up for our mini menopause course online.

It's FREE to Sign up until 14th January 2018 using coupon code FREEMENOPAUSE

Join the menopause mini course to get:

  • insight into the psychological and spiritual dynamic of menopause
  • ideas about how to best support yourself through menopause
  • the heads up on what you need to do now to start preparing (if you are still menstruating)'
  • what's top of the list if you are already going through menopause
  • plus an optional one-to-one session


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