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'Separate' is an action you take that allows something rather amazing to come through. It is your ability to say ‘No’ to the world, to retreat from engagement with others, dropping all agendas and simply being still. Essentially it’s about getting out of your own way. This power lives in the dying days of your cycle just before bleeding, in fact we call it the first ‘chamber’ of menstruation and we think it is potentially the most powerful, awesome moment of the whole cycle and, we should add, the most dangerous, such is the nature of spiritual power.

Here you are at your most vulnerable, your energy at its nadir, your defences down, your whole energetic field at its most permeable. You’ll know the moment because you will get a distinct feeling of the need to retreat. ‘Separate’ opens the door to inner worlds, to an expanded field of consciousness. You can feel you are stepping on hallowed ground. Wonder, love, bliss, and union have their home here. The cycle prepares you for the power of Separate. You’ll feel both a speeding up, an urgency to ‘clear the decks’, as you get closer to menstruation, and then a slowing down and need to drop your bundle and head off in the sunset minus all responsibilities. Plan for this, give yourself 1% of what you need (you can learn more about our 1% practice in our Menstrual Cycle Literacy course).

You can also use this power any moment of the menstrual cycle by simply stopping, dropping your bundle briefly and giving in to the moment. It may not pack the power that you can taste just before bleeding but you can drop tension, clear or see through a block, and open to something fresh. It’s a fantastic ally for those stuck, not-going-anywhere-moments at work or on a creative project, you can genuinely lift your mood or see a way forward by simply walking away from everything for even just 5 minutes. Try it this month.

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