The Women’s Wisdom Dial: the World’s 1st Menstruation and Moon Clock


This beautiful, battery powered wall-clock tracks your menstrual cycle and the moon phases by rotating its hands once every 29 days. You set the hands to align with your menstrual cycle and the moon phase once a month.

The Red hand shows the day of your menstrual cycle. The Silver hand shows the current Moon Phase. Alexandra is loving it and Sjanie would too if only she could get a look in, but Alexandra has claimed it as hers now.

Given to her by its creator, Samjhana Moon, she thought she would pass it on to Sjanie once she had experienced it for a little while, after all she doesn’t menstruate any more, but that’s not happening. She loves looking up to check the ‘time’ reading the moon phase and tracking where Sjanie is in her menstrual cycle—this is important as we work so closely together.

She knows what powers we can capitalise on, including Sjanie’s premenstrual shoot from the hip, death defying critical analysis of everything—not always pretty, but incredibly smart and insightful (Alexandra listens up) and then when she’ll disappear for her bleed.

The Dial is made from recycled paper and resin and comes with an illustrated guidebook.

To learn more and purchase go to

Go treat yourself!


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