Pioneering Period Policy for the workplace

pioneering period policy

Newspapers around the world recently reported 'A Bristol company is planning to create an official “period policy” designed to allow women to take time off without being stigmatised in the hope it will make its workplace more efficient and creative'Alexandra, co-founder of Red School, has been invited by Bex Baxter at Co-Exist in Bristol to develop a period policy for their staff. Yes, you read that organisation that wants to be more menstrual friendly. Our fun name for it is Pioneering Period Policy. The first part of the day will be open to the community—anyone can join the meeting/debate, so do join us if you are in the vicinity. There will be a small fee to help cover costs.It's happening on 15 March 2016 at Hamilton House, Bristol. To book your place click hereAnd then in the afternoon Alexandra, along with her sidekick environmental consultant and Women’s Quest apprentice, Pam McCarthy, will work with this organisation’s management team to draft up a policy. Already we know of two organisations, Treesisters and Babes in the Woods, that give women flexibility around their period, which can include a day off. We also know of individual women who have taken a stand for this time in their workplaces even though there is no policy. And we also know of women who are being penalised for taking time out because of severe menstrual pain. We’d be interested to hear any thoughts, stories or experiences you have had on this. And if possible we hope you will give us permission to share these experiences, anonymously if you’d prefer.

Period Policy in the press

We enjoyed this take from an Economist on the potential benefits for including a period policy in the workplace. If you are an organisation that would like to integrate this flexibility with your staff, do get in touch with us for support in creating your period policy. Contact our Period Policy Officer Pam McCarthy  


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