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In this blog we introduce you to your unique power process as a woman, and how you can begin to get in gear with it in a more coherent, meaningful way through the practice of what we call the ‘sacred tasks’. In this Wild Power series of blogs you will hear from different women about how they have worked with the sacred tasks to begin to repair their power process and come into an increasing sense of wholeness and effectiveness in the world.Your unique power processThere is a cosmos within you as women that we like to call your power process and, you guessed it, it is your menstrual cycle. Your power process is your means of coming to know the truth of who you are, your Calling, and also your capacity to realise or express that in the world.Power is ultimately your ability to love your own unique nature so that you may come into sync with it and and fulfill it in the world. And here’s the wondrous thing, the menstrual cycle’s secret remit is to deliver you Home to yourself - to like, accept and ultimately love yourself. It is this peace with who you are that unlocks your true power. And, whilst supporting you to come into ever deeper relationship with who you are, the menstrual cycle also simultaneously supports the unfolding of or expression of that. In other words it helps you to get stuff done in the world. Such a complete package we hold within!You can think of your power process as a dynamic that you are living within and you have to learn how to get into gear with it, and allow more of it to come through you.So let’s get in gear...The constituent elements of your power process (the muscle groups!)Through our work over the years, we’ve observed that there are different elements to this power process, like different muscle groups in your body, that all need to be cared for, ‘exercised’ if you like, for you to function well.Firstly, in the basic dynamic of the cycle, what we refer to as the Map of the Two Vias, there are two currents of energy - an expanding current from menstruation up to ovulation (via postivia), and contracting current from ovulation back to menstruation (via negativa) - that give rise to the two basic or fundamental elements of your power process, what we call the power of ‘yes’ and the power of ‘no’. Secondly, in the next layer of your power process - and what we love to call the ‘workhorse’ of your power process - is the Map of the Inner Seasons, which holds four distinct phases that highlight 4 ways of being with yourself - your inner winter (menstruation), inner spring (preovulation) inner summer (ovulation), and inner autumn (premenstruum)Finally, within the inner winter of your cycle there is a specific process that brings you Home to Love and a remembering of your Wild Power. We call this map the Five Chambers of Menstruation. (In this blog series we will be focusing on the first two maps in greater detail)Together these three maps work as an integrated process guiding you into wholeness. Each phase or ‘muscle group’ of the power process is necessary for you to grow into your power and wise expression of it in the world. Each phase needs to be fully recognised, loved and lived in order for you to experience the full gifts of that season. And, equally importantly, prepare you for the following season. For example, if you’re unable to let go sufficiently at menstruation (the anchor of your power process) you can head off into your inner spring feeling depleted and misaligned, and therefore unable to capitalise on your inner spring. In order to fulfill the vital gifts that each season holds, we have found there are key sacred tasks to be undertaken. Think of them as part of your initiatory rite of passage to greater balance and harmony. The sacred tasks

As you practice these tasks in their respective season (although frankly trying them out any old time is going to up your game enormously), you allow the full powers of that season to be released and embodied within you ever more fully each menstrual month. Your aim is to consummate that season as best you can within the limits of your life, and this also sets you up to enter the next season with a greater sense of readiness. Remember the inner seasons work as an integrated whole, you can’t ‘skip’ a season and expect to feel fully well and embodied in your power process.The first two blogs in this Wild Power series, are written by women who have done our apprenticeship training. They will introduce you to the sacred tasks of

These are stories of women’s experience of their own process, which we hope will inspire you to take your own steps. If you are keen to take this work deeper, do join our Wild Power online course in which we explore and experience these ‘tasks’ in ever greater detail, learning how to restore our power process as women.

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This blog supports the 6 week Wild Power Online Course, Session 1. To join the course go to www.wildpowercourse.com


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