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We often think of generosity as something for others but it's one of the sweetest things we can offer to ourselves. And when we do, giving to others can be such an effortless act free from agenda. Generosity is a power that you have in abundance during the summer of your cycle. But be warned, to be an overflowing goddess of love you need to have a full tank. For a fuel injected fill-up remember to take a pit stop at menstruation. The more deeply you rest and let go when you bleed, the more fecund, abundant and generous you will feel at ovulation.

When you’re in gear with your cycle the summer energy will fill you up until you overflow. Allowing you to give from a magnanimous heart. This kind of deeply aligned giving plugs you into the flow of life and you’ll find that you receive as much (if not more!) than you dish out. But be prepared, there will come a day—mark your diaries—where you will feel flat-out sure that you are done with thinking about others and ready to curb your enthusiasm for giving to them.

If you’ve been a diligent follower of your cycle and paid close attention to its wisdom you’ll have been led to the realisation that the generosity you feel during ovulation isn't just for others, it’s for you too. With ample energy and a zest for life it’s the perfect time to give out some of that lovin’ to yourself. Be generous with compliments, give yourself more time for pleasure, extend your kindest words to the one that is you. Let yourself feel the beauty of being at the receiving end of your very own love.

Not only will this feel good but it will buffer you nicely for when you have to face that challenging critical voice in the premenstruum—you won’t be as flattened by it. Whenever you draw this card, take a moment to check in whether it's time to be generous to yourself or others.

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