What Happened To Desi After Doing The Menarche Course


I can't believe all the changes and clarity that have come into my life since doing the menarche course including the ritual.Going back to the time of my Menarche helped me realize when I started taking all the wrong turns in my life. One of the ‘little’ big things that was holding me back was something my father introduced into my life shortly after Menarche: pot. Please do not judge me. Some people use Prozac like I used pot. I just chose a greener option, but ultimately it didn't make me any 'healthier'. I consider marijuana a medicinal plant and I believe it has helped me in many occasions. I developed a psychological need for it that was beyond my full understanding. I had been smoking pot since I was 15 and convinced myself that it was an inherent part of my life. I smoked because it made me feel closer to a father who was never really there. I smoked because it kept me the same ‘active but relaxed’. But I finally understood that if I am to live to my full potential, I must do it without any external aids.What I have recently realized is that I am one of those highly sensitive persons and I needed to be stoned in order to cope with a world I felt I never fitted in. After the Menstrual Cycle Literacy course I managed to stop for a while, but before and during menstruation I started hearing voices and having visions that spoke of stuff that made me fearful...so I went back into smoking again in order to cope. I kept smoking all winter to help me face and heal the painful past I come from, and then I did the Menarche ritual, knowing it was the end of my old self and the beginning of a new one.As with every one of my children's births, there was a struggle at the end of the experience, but I have managed to rebirth a strong and healthy new me!I have stopped smoking again, and this time I don't have the need to do it because I have gained strength and confidence like I never knew I could have. I had lived my life until now drifting along. It was as if I had been asleep all this time and had finally woken up. I believe I was lucky, because a power stronger than myself was guiding me and protecting me through my intuition, and it took me to the beautiful place I am now.  Desi, motherGo here to enroll in the Menarche Online Course


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