A Womans Quest (to recover from the Pill)


3 years ago I met the love of my life and decided to go on the pill out of fear of getting pregnant. Before making this decision I had always been very health conscious and ran a mile at the thought of taking such a drug... however, the anxiety I felt left me with no other choice. The Pill's promise of this peace of mind cost so much more than it was worth – mood swings, irritability, tearfulness, feeling uncomfortable in my skin and creative blockage, not to mention vaginal infections that I had never experienced before, weight gain and very sensitive breasts.

After one year on the pill I knew I couldn't do this to my body any more. With the support of my loving partner I decided to come off the pill. This was an absolute nightmare, the mood swings only intensified and my clear skin turned to acne. For my whole life I had always had a close to perfect complexion, even during my teenage years, and for the first time my face and back was covered in small painful pimples. Nothing seemed to help, my diet had been very pure for years – I have been a vegetarian since birth so obviously my body was trying to purge the build up of impurities from the Pill. It was so horrible and self esteem depleting that I thought of going back on the pill as all the side effects only seemed to be intensifying.

It was at this time I caught hold of a wonderful book 'The Woman's Quest' by Alexandra Pope. It was about connecting with your cycle and your true self. I bought it and began the 13 month long course  immediately. I realized that this process of purification was not going to be an easy one but I was going to do everything I could to transform from this experience. At this time I also came into contact with a Fasting, Meditation and Qi Gong teacher (check out Wandering Dao/Mood Food).

I had done detoxes in the past but nothing like the extended water fasting he taught and offered at this health retreats. I eliminated all sugars (except natural sugars from fruits and dried fruits), wheat and dairy. I started drinking a lot more water and having herbal supplements. After one month of this I took my cleanse to the next stage – I did a 3 day vegetable juice fast, followed by a 3 day water fast. During this time I practiced meditation and Qi Gong and it was incredible to see what came out of my skin... I could literally scrape puss of my face... it was disgusting but so wonderful to see my skin clearing.

During this process I obviously lost weight too, but more importantly my irritability and anger settled, I felt my peaceful, calm and clear self again. Once I had completed this fast I kept a very clean diet of fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils and nuts. I started training rock climbing outdoors 4 times a week and my body returned to its once strong and lean condition.

I would say it took about 9 months of this pure healthy diet, physical training and the nurturing emotional component of 'The Woman's Quest' till I truly felt I had released all the built up toxins of my year on the pill. I continued with 'The Woman's Quest' course which essentially involves daily journalling, observation and reflection for another 5 months after this which brings me to now. During the past year and a half I re-connected to my self, my creativity and am working as a full time artist again with my soon to be my husband.

So for all of you beautiful women out there who are experiencing the horrors of being on the pill or coming off it I write this for you.... Don't give up! You can get through it! Cleanse your body, your mind and your heart. Get a copy of 'The Woman's Quest' by Alexandra Pope and get back in touch with yourself. Start a self love affair and research as much as possible, here are a couple of books that you might find interesting to read: 'The Tao of Detox' by Daniel Reid & 'The Art of Living' by William Hart & S.N.Goenka.


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