13 allies for menstruation - #5 Sanctuary


Part 5 of 13 To unlock the full gifts of menstruation requires some protected space from the world. Sanctuary is a place of safety that has a sacred quality to it. A place in which you feel protected so that you may deeply drop into the exquisite vulnerability that is at the heart of menstruation.

It is most obviously a physical space but also you can have an inner sense of sanctuary—a way of being with and holding yourself that is protective and honouring. You can create a feeling of specialness or sanctuary by having a sense of order in your physical environment, even if it’s just your bedroom. And often women do have a frenzied cleaning purge unwittingly just before bleeding as if to create that sanctuary. Some women like to create altars, or to change their altars for the time of bleeding. It can also mean seeking out a place in nature that is special to you.


Suggestions for calling in the ally:

  • Slow down—creating some stillness and silence will automatically aid you in sanctuary.
  • Keep away from technology as much as you can.
  • Think about what the word ‘sanctuary’ evokes for you and give yourself a dose of that.
  • You might want to think of the word ‘sanctuary’ as an ongoing practice throughout the whole menstrual month, giving yourself a mini dose of it each day. But most particularly for your next bleed, take sanctuary in the inner temple that is menstruation, give yourself a sanctuary to go to so that you may deeply drop in safety and quiet.

How do you create Sanctuary for yourself during menstruation?Do share your experiences with us in the comments below. We love to hear from you


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