The Bliss of being you


Along with the utter importance of the foundational practice of menstrual cycle awareness which we outline in our Menstrual Cycle Literacy course, we have developed a new process that we call the Menstrual Medicine Circle (MMC). It is designed to help restore your inner ecology as a women, the natural energetic, psycho-spiritual ‘flow’ or order of the menstrual cycle, to create a greater feeling of integration and wholeness. The MMC process taps into this inner ecology, helps you to ‘read’ the flow of the energy, for example where it is blocked (i.e.where you are stuck) or bursting its banks (i.e. over-stretching yourself) and initiates repair and restoration of that energetic flow; elicits a deeper insight into yourself and any challenges you are dealing with in your life, including of course any menstrual difficulties; and most importantly, it awakens your inner Medicine, an energy, a love that is the beginning of a shift or healing. It can be used as part of a one to one coaching session or working with a group of women.

Here’s what some of our mentors have experienced from doing it:

“The Menstrual Medicine Circle for me acts as a Wombspace, a sacred container that allows me to drop into my very own menstrual landscape, far away from the busyness and distractions of the everyday world. In this held space I am able to journey with my cycle and the Archetypes of my Inner Seasons, receiving their love, guidance and healing. In this space it feels as though I am offered the gift of stepping into my truest potential. A treasured medicine indeed to journey back with into my everyday world' Amber Bates


“ extraordinary experience and great pleasure. The cycle really does reveal and heal - it is direct and rich with imagery, full of love and deep nourishment, seeming to bypass the stories and hindrances that challenge us, to get straight and kindly to the point for both parties”. Amanda Tress


"I felt so deeply connected to myself and my cycle both times I've worked with the MMC; it is amazing we have all this knowledge and wisdom inside us; sometimes it just takes a little help to uncover that wisdom. The MMC is a very safe and supportive way to work with the cycle. I felt it was a wonderful way to get things flowing again, and help get a 'plan' together to move forward too." Jane LeggeOnce you have found you way home to your cycle, an ineffable quality, a magic, a feeling of relief, a sense of rightness is unleashed. It leads you home to your deep holy self, a sense of the most exquisite union and sense of belonging, to the utter bliss of being you.


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