TheWild Power Retreat

Menstrual Cycle Awareness:
make 2022 your year of creativity, vitality and leadership.

A free online retreat with Red School and special guests

Jan 11th - 25th

Your Cycle · Your Power · Your Year
Your cycle awareness has the power to transform your life and our world.
As you nurture a real intimacy with the rhythm and flow of your cycle, you will:

Enhance Your Vitality

You’ll learn how to read your body, manage stress and tailor your self-care so that you can thrive throughout the cycle month.

Activate Your Creativity

You’ll discover the creative powers of each inner season of your cycle, so that you can feel inspired, motivated and held in all you create.

Deepen Your Leadership

You’ll cultivate a connection to your Calling - your ‘Wild Power’ - which will plug you into an endless source of meaning, soul nourishment and belonging.

We want to help you make 2022 YOUR YEAR of cycle awareness.

We warmly welcome you to join us for our Wild Power Online Retreat where together with a group of incredible menstruality leaders, we will inspire, encourage and empower you to deepen your menstrual cycle awareness practice, enhance your vitality, activate your creativity and deepen your leadership -this year, and every year to come.

The Wild Power Retreat

Your Cycle . Your Power . Your Year

Jan 11th - 25th
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What is Wild Power?

The energy within your menstrual cycle is a force we call your Wild Power. It’s an animating presence - a holy intelligence that holds the blueprint of who you are and your highest potential. With every cycle day you track, you take another step to realise the fullness and beauty of this Wild Power within you.

How the retreat will work:


From January 11th to January 22nd, we’ll release six special 30-minute interviews which will guide you step-by-step to deepen your cycle awareness practice.


Our Your Cycle · Your Power · Your Year Menstrual Cycle Awareness Creative Journal will accompany you on this journey, guide you to harvest your insights and set you up for your year of menstrual cycle awareness with 12 cycle charts.


On January 25th we invite you to join us live for our Encounter Your Wild Power event with Alexandra and Sjanie, where we’ll guide you to meet the Wild Power that lives in your inner winter (menstruation), as well as share how you can continue your year of cycle awareness by joining our Wild Power Immersion, starting February 7th.

Your retreat schedule and hosts:
ONE: Menstrual Cycle Awareness - how to access the depth, power and wisdom

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, co-founders of Red School

Tuesday 11th January

How to track your cycle to access the hidden depths of menstrual cycle awareness.

TWO: Menstrual Cycle Awareness - transform your health and vitality

Lisa Hendrickson-Jack, Author of The Fifth Vital Sign

Thursday 13th January

How to work with your cycle to understand and maintain health and vitality.

THREE: Menstrual Cycle Awareness - get grounded in your body wisdom

Natalie K Martin, Period and Menstrual Cycle Coach

Saturday 15th January

How to track, honour and deepen the intelligence of your body through cycle-inspired movement.

FOUR: Menstrual Cycle Awareness - reduce stress and bring balance

Nicole Jardim, Period/Hormone Expert, Author of Fix Your Period

Tuesday 18th January

How to honour your cycle at work, manage stress and set yourself up for cycle-inspired leadership.

FIVE: Menstrual Cycle Awareness - heal wounds and create safety

Kitty Maguire, Menstruality Mentor

Thursday 20th January

How to work in a trauma-informed way with cycle awareness to heal our wounds and create a ground of safety.

SIX: Menstrual Cycle Awareness - nourish your creativity

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, co-founders of Red School

Saturday 22nd January

How the inner seasons of your cycle nurture your creative power and activate your calling.


Encounter Your Wild Power

Tuesday 25th January
11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm UK 

with Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, co-founders of Red School

Take a guided journey into the Wild Power that lives in your inner winter (menstruation) so you can reclaim your menstrual cycle as your personal path to power.
This event will also serve as an introduction to our Wild Power Immersion,
which starts Monday 7th February.

The Wild Power Retreat

Your Cycle . Your Power . Your Year

Jan 11th - 25th
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Want to make 2022 your year of vitality, creativity and leadership
through the power of menstrual cycle awareness?

At Red School, we’ve devoted over 10,000 hours to reveal the hidden powers of the menstrual cycle. And the key to unlocking these powers is your ongoing, intimate exploration of the rhythm and flow of your own cycle.

The Wild Power Online Retreat will give you a taste of our work and the power of menstrual cycle awareness, and in our Encounter Your Wild Power live event on January 25th we’ll share how you can continue your journey to making 2022 your transformative year of menstrual cycle awareness.

We’re passionate about supporting people to love their cycle. Our mission is to activate the vitality, creativity and leadership of a million people through menstrual cycle awareness, through our ground-breaking training pathway.

We begin with our Wild Power Online Immersion (starts Feb 7th 2022). Together with a group of pioneers from all over the world, you’ll awaken to the inner architecture of your cycle, so you can receive and channel the full force of the cyclical intelligence within you.

The journey continues with our annual Menstruality Leadership Programme -  the world’s first leadership training designed for pioneers, change-makers, nurturers and creatives to realise your full authority and leadership through the power of the menstrual cycle, (starts April 2022).

The Wild Power Immersion
STARTS FEB 7th 2022

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