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Red Power Cards

These divination cards can offer you insight and guidance on the powers of your menstrual cycle and how to live your feminine power.

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Our new Red Power Cards offer you a personalised guide to the powers of your menstrual cycle. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, this pack of 56 round cards are your ultimate ally on the female initiatory path.

How to use the cards

Use the cards as you would any divination pack. As a guide for each day. Or in answer to a specific question you have.

Include a focus question such as

  • What power is available to me now?
  • What power wants to be expressed?
  • What power can I tap into now to support me?
  • What power in me lies behind this problem/challenge/condition

Here are some examples

You’re on day 21 of your cycle and you get the card Cherish which speaks of the ‘spring’ energies even as you are crossing the line into your ‘autumn’ or premenstrual time. The tenderness of Cherish may be just what you need to cross into the premenstruum consciously and restfully. Cherish yourself. Actually we can’t think of a better ally as you make the transition into that more provocative phase of the cycle.

Or, lets say you picked Cherish in response to your PMS symptoms. It is a glorious remedy for any emotional upheavals and sensitivity. And, it could be indicating that they key to your PMS may lie with what is happening in your ‘spring’ or preovulatory phase. So really cherish yourself as you traverse your ‘spring’ as well.

By the way the powers that apparently seem quite benign like Do Nothing (inner winter) are some of the hardest to do and can pack the biggest punch in terms of their effect on your life

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