Episode 88: How to Grow an Intuitive, Cyclical Business - Sophie’s Story (Sjanie & Sophie)

How has your intimacy with your cycle (or your menopause process) changed you, and your life?

It’s an important question to ask, in quiet moments, perhaps in your inner winter. Cycle awareness offers many fruits, and they can easily be missed in a linear world that rarely—if ever—shines a spotlight on your cyclicity and what it is awakening in you.

On the podcast today, the tables are turned as Sjanie asks our host, Sophie this question and they explore what menstrual cycle awareness has taught Sophie over the past decade, particularly when it comes to living her calling and creating things of beauty in the world.

In This Episode:
  • The wild night of pre-menstrual rage that changed everything for Sophie; her career, her country of residence and her relationship.

  • What late night breast-feeding dreaming taught Sophie about how to run a thriving, sustainable, impactful business.

  • Why we all need to connect more to the 99.9% of life on earth that is cyclical, rather than the 0.01% of human culture that is largely made up of linear, productivity obsessed cultures.

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Episode Transcript
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