Episode 6: Let’s Talk to Men about Menstrual Cycle Awareness (Dominick Quartuccio & Bryan Stacy)

Many men were raised to believe that the menstrual cycle was something exclusively owned by women and people with periods. As taboos around menstruation shift ever more rapidly (yes!), so too is men’s role in the global conversation about menstruality.

Dominick Quartuccio and Bryan Stacy - the hosts of The Great Man Within podcast - are a breath of fresh air in a world which can feel full of toxic masculinity. Brave and vulnerable in their desire to break new ground for men and masculinity, they’ve interviewed Red School’s co-founders Alexandra and Sjanie not once, but TWICE. And to everyone’s surprise, their first interview “A Man’s Guide to the Menstrual Cycle”, actually became their most downloaded episode ever!

In This Episode:
  • Innovative, sensitive, simple ways to introduce cycle awareness to your male partner, colleagues, family members or friends, and how to enlist their support to ‘drop your bundle’ in inner winter (menstruation) by giving them a way to ‘be a hero’.

  • How cycle awareness provides a ‘surfboard’ to ride the relationship waves that can happen in inner autumn (pre-menstruum), and how to bring your truth-speaker in a way that can actually be received.
  • How to have period sex with a male partner, to move through taboos around blood, and cultivate sexual intimacy during menstruation so you can enter the “Holy Grail” together.
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