A Man’s Guide to the Menstrual Cycle (feat. Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer)


When it comes to the menstrual cycle, here are some of the things male partners often think (according to the brilliant Dominick and Bryan who interviewed us recently for their podcast, The Great Man Within):

  • It’s “her thing to deal with”.
  • It’s an inconvenience/barrier to having sex.
  • It’s gross.
  • PMS = a trip to crazytown.

Determined to change this narrative, Dominic and Bryan asked to interview us because they believed there were many men out there who celebrate the menstrual cycle as one of the core experiences of being a woman.

They believe these men also want to better understand the “4 seasons of the cycle” so they can build intimacy with their partners, as well as learn exactly what she needs from him during those 4 seasons.  

It turns out that this is indeed true!

A couple of weeks after the release of the podcast, and it's already one of their top three most listened to episodes. Very exciting…

So, if you're partnered with a man, or have a male in your life who is interested in becoming more cycle aware, this episode could be a great way to begin.

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